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  • Yeap, there are masculine and feminine nouns in French as well. The different ending for plural words are extremely interesting as well. In Hebrew, does one 'character' represent a syllable or a word? I noticed that your sentences are relatively short though.
    No you didn't, it was very good :) I only know a couple of disconnected words like shalom, bar/bat mitzvah and so on haha.
    Oh, it's in plural? My bad. Anyway, if you need help for English, I can help you anytime, but I want to learn Hebrew :D
    Yes, that was what I meant by 'part'. May I ask you one more thing? Say you are presented with a passage with Biblical Hebrew as the text, would you be able to understand it? I've read somewhere that stated Modern Hebrew is not as different than Biblical Hebrew than Modern English is to Old English (I know 'Otiyot' is letter in Biblical Hebrew, is it the same in Modern Hebrew? :p) I was once friends with an Israeli cuber called Shir Sasson on Facebook, you should go to a comp when you get the chance, Israeli guys are extremely nice haha. And tricking is a sport where performers create an aesthetic blend of kicks, flips and twists, deriving moves from martial arts, Capoeira, breakdancing and gymnastics. The Israeli tricking community is super fun as well. I love your country and culture :tu
    Hello! I notice that you're from Israel. I'm very interested in Judaic Studies and it's one of my favourite branches of knowledge. If you don't mind me asking, which part of Israel are you from? What is your religion? Do you practise your religion regularly? Is your native language Hebrew? And do you happen know what tricking is? Thanks, and if you feel that it's personal please feel free to not answer me or send me a PM.
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