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    Exeter Open 2016 (UK)

    Unfortunately can't go, I'm in America during that time ripperonis (somebody who lives in New Jersey please hold a comp at the beginning of april pls)
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    Finally finished oh god. Editing was probably the main thing I focused on because most of the clips I took while I was there weren't well done :P But don't expect me to release a video for every competition I go to like some people, this was by far the hardest video I've done and I'm only...
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    Guinness WR - Rowe Hessler 6680 3x3 in 24 hours

    For anyone who missed it
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    UK Championship 2015

    I've got no problem filming your rounds. I'll be needing as much footage as possible for my video.
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    UK Championship 2015

    Nice, I'll be sure to watch it! I really hope the video I'm making doesn't turns out to be like the one I was supposed to make for ABHC and literally have 20 seconds of footage to work on because the camera I bought for this is pretty dank so I'm counting on myself in 13 hours time to record alot
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    UK Championship 2015

    I will be filming a lot around the place, just a heads up in case. Not sure if I will film the Q&A, chances are probably but lunch is cool as well tho Definitely will be recording the table POV during finals but not sure about table - I think Nevins is recording but my camera can record 60FPS...
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    [ER] Michał Pleskowicz 7.21 & 7.13 3x3 averages

    5.97 single in finals meh 8.48 avg
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    Are You Ready Yet? -- A Cubing Proposal

    No distracting competitors while solving Kit. Seriously this is so cute agh
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    UK Championship 2015

    The Forum is really nice, been there before a few times. It didn't come to me that this would be a good place for a comp tho lmao
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    Youngest person to "do" their age?

    Chan Hong Lik's official PB is 8.76 He is 7 8.76 x 7 = 61.32 t.t
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    [Official] Alexander Lau @ ABHC 2015 - 3x3x3 final - 8.44 average

    GJ solves and GJ recording Mike! Record Cuthberts finals this year as well pls
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    Speedcubing for a blind person?

    3d1) For competitors with a medically documented visual disability, the following exceptions apply: 3d1a) Competitors may use textured puzzles with different textures on different faces. Each face should have a distinct colour, to aid in scrambling and judging. Even if you don't necessarily...
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    [WR] Roman Strakhov - 5:18.65 5x5x5 Blindfolded

    W00t Roman! Now get 10BLD pls
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    UK Championship 2015

    w00000 i've passed by the forum so many times but this will be the first time i'll be going inside. i've heard its mostly a place for weddings and such, but it's cool to see it even closer to me let's hope a fire alarm doesn't go off in the middle of 4bld again, ha
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    Cuthberts Open 2015 - 26th/27th September (UK)

    Oh man. I thought that setting alarms for comps sounded dumb, but if they can fill up that quick then I really should for the next comp.