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  • Sub-NR OH PB


    L2 D' U L2 B2 F2 U' F2 D' B2 U' L' B L2 D R U' B' U' R'

    y' x'//inspection

    U' B U2 Rw U' Rw' U' M U' z U' R U z'//FB 12/12

    U' M2 U2 Rw U Rw2' U' Rw//SB 8/20

    Lololol. Nada//CMLL 0/20

    Uw' M Uw M'//fix centers 4/24

    U' M' U' M U M' U M' U' M2 U' S2 M' S2 M//LSE 15/39

    2.6 TPS 39 STM
    Almost sub-NR OH PB!!

    Scramble: L2 D U2 L2 U' L2 R2 D F2 U' R' U' B' D' F' D2 F L' U' B2 U'

    Time: 14.93


    R' U2 B//FB 3/3

    M R U R2 U2 r U2 M' r U' r'//SB 11/14

    u' M' u M'//fix centers 4/18

    U' R U R' U R U2 R'//CMLL 8/26

    U' M U M U M' U' M U' M' U2 M' U2 M2 U M U2 M2 U2 M'//LSE 20/46

    46 STM 3 TPS
    Not really, if anything Roux is perfect for OH. How us OHers typically do M turns is we table abuse. Rest one side of the cube on the table, then perform an Rw or Rw' turn. Because the one side of the cube is being pressed against the table, it does a M move(thats maybe not the best explanation, but it's the best I could come up with)
    @White KB - The third best OH solver in the world currently is Kian Mansour, and he uses Roux. So it's fair to say Roux can be very fast for OH.
    Dylan Swarts
    Dylan Swarts
    I just love testing your reconstructions. very fun @TheKravCuber . Cameron Blumenow has taken up being good at OH and avgs like 15 now tho but I think with some more practice you will easily be one of the best OH solvers in South Africa!! Keep up the good work!!
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