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    YJ YuHu Megaminx

    I wish they have a tiled version. I'm way too used to my MF8v2. Can't get over the grip they provide!
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    [Indian NR] - Kabyanil Talukdar - 3x3 BLD 32.70 Single

    This is just amazingly insane.
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    A (very overdue) Maru CX3 & SS Mirror Block Review

    It's been almost a year since I uploaded anything to YouTube. I recorded this sometime in November or December 2013. I finally got time to edit and upload it in the past couple of days. Let me know what you think! uEyZWZQdjQc
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    What is your most unexpected cubing achievement?

    My 3/3 Official Multi BLD Success. That was my first ever Multi BLD attempt.
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    Need Volunteers for Research on Speed Cubers [Survey]

    That was another issue that I didn't consider before designing the survey. However, this particular problem is going to arise only for a few people as a majority of the cubers who have taken the survey are people who are really into it and are still at their peak. Besides, you're kinda like an...
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    Need Volunteers for Research on Speed Cubers [Survey]

    Well, the survey was kinda rushed. I built it in a hurry and didn't have enough time to proof everything in there. I did show it to some friends but they didn't spot any errors -.- As they aren't really experienced cubers, they failed to see the technical issues the questionnaire had. It would...
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    Need Volunteers for Research on Speed Cubers [Survey]

    Though I cannot reveal the identity of the institute to avoid any possible biases in the participants' response, I assure you that I am working at a national level institute and all the formalities have been taken care of. This is a small scale internship project and the information involved...
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    Need Volunteers for Research on Speed Cubers [Survey]

    I need about 40-50 responses before I can begin analysis. I have until 24th to start preliminary work. If this goes well, I'll present the findings at a cognition conference in March. In the meanwhile, though, I will be abl to complete thorough analysis and start on another idea! No, you don't...
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    Need Volunteers for Research on Speed Cubers [Survey]

    Hey guys, I'm doing some research on Speed Cubing and on Speed Cubers' cognitive abilities for my internship project and I need some volunteers who are willing to participate in and help out with my studies! The current study I am conducting is a preliminary survey about 3x3 Speed Solving, 3...
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    SCMU 2014 in the news!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    .__. !
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    New Skewb World Records

    How to get a WR - 1. Wait for WCA to declare new event. 2. Use time zone advantage to organize competition before anyone else in the world. 3. Solve puzzle. Get WR. Bask in the glory. Create a media hype. Sell yourself. -.-
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    Shengshou 4x4 Revenge v6?

    If this really IS legit, then they also seem to have textured stickers, which would be a nice change from the regular ones.