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    What cubes did you get for the holidays/Christmas?

    I got a Redi Cube, a Wheel of Time, a Penrose Cube, a DianSheng Blade Cube, a DianSheng Star 2 layer square-1, the Valk Power, and a LE Pink Mini Valk.
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    Fully functional 33x33x33

    This is absolutely insane!!! I remember back in like 2013 where the 17x17 was absolutely mind-boggling and it seemed impossible to make anything bigger. Then the 22x22 came along and that was insane, but this just takes the cake. I'm sure there'll be something bigger in the future, but for now...
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    Thank you so much! :)
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    Does anyone know where I can get a blank white mat for recording that won't move around on my desk? Really appreciate any feedback.
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    Stickerless vs Stickered

    The stickers add an extra amount of customizability to the puzzle that wouldn't otherwise exist. The shades on the stickerless puzzle might not be optimal for every person, so stickered cubes should stay. Stickers are just like the new GES springs on the GAN Air, meaning the puzzles that have...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I'd say a cube that fits what you described is the Valk 3. Not the magnetic versions, just the standard Valk 3. With some DNM-37 the Valk is a very light cube, it's 55mm, and you could make it heavier with the right tensions and lube. My friend has the Valk and he loosened his to the loosest he...
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    [Help Thread] Professional set-up

    Personally, I would recommend it. Firstly, if you have never been good at setting up cubes, or if you just don't have the time to break it in, then it's the perfect thing for you. They can also apply your personalized sticker shades (sometimes even FF stickers), which I always do. On the other...
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    QiYi WuQue 4x4 Setup Question

    Yeah, good idea. The best thing to do is actually to switch to a cube that's less forgiving (but not too unforgiving), something like the Gans 357 or any other older cube. It'll also allow you to kind of teach yourself how to properly set up a cube and how to turn a bad cube into a good one...
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    QiYi WuQue 4x4 Setup Question

    Well, it's all up to you. If you want to start with the best cube on the market, then be my guest. However, I personally believe that it's best if your hardware improves as you improve. I originally started with a Rubik's Brand 3x3 (obviously) but when cubes like the ZhanChi and the YuXin and...
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    QiYi WuQue 4x4 Setup Question

    Yes, 4x4s are usually more clunky than 3x3s, so that is expected. What I did with my WuQue is I lubed it with Traxxas 10k and DNM-37, and it gave it just the right feeling for me, but you might wanna try Lubicle Silk instead of DNM-37 if that is too fast for you. I'm currently using the Cubicle...
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    Cubing Terms Dictionary

    well the only way that I can update the page DGCubes posted is for him or whoever is in charge of it will have to invite me to become a contributor so I can actually update it, because as of now I can only view it.
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    Cubing Terms Dictionary

    ok. so if we continued with this project, then would it still be against us in some way? Because this is a Google document, while I'm creating a website for it.
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    Cubing Terms Dictionary

    Yes, all definitions must be posted in this thread.
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    Cubing Terms Dictionary

    Hello all! So I was thinking that I could work with the community of the SpeedSolving Forum and beyond to possibly create a dictionary that compiles all (or at least most) cubing terms and their meanings. Obviously, I will not be able to create them all by myself, so I will need your help. If...
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    The 2x2x2 "Example Solve" Game!

    dude where's the next scramble?!