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    The method debate thread

    It isn't that simple. The steps to solving a situation intuitively are 1. Identifying the state of the situation. 2. Calculating a solution to the state. 3. Executing that solution. The steps to solving a situation algorithmically are 2. Identifying the case of the state. 2. Recalling the...
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    The method debate thread

    If your argument is that the best method is the one with the fewest algs needed to be fast, then CFOP certainly loses to Roux. If you work hard you could even get fast with just a variant of Petrus/speed Heise where you just block build, do EO during LS, EP+2C, then a comm for L3C for a total of...
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    The method debate thread

    This is the key point. The density of CFOP among top solvers is not evidence CFOP is the best method, just that it is the most popular method and that it is good enough that the significantly smaller sample sizes of users of other methods are not big enough to overpower it. The most popular...
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I'm sorry to hear you won't be cubing anymore. As some encouragement, I have cubed on and off for 10 years, taking breaks of 3 or 4 years at a time, and it always feels natural to come back. One day, you may likely make your way back to the community and I am sure the community will warmly...
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    Roux-breaker? The YruRU method

    This is very interesting. It is certainly similar to Briggs but not obviously (to me at least at the moment) identical and it is basically impossible to have any new method not share some similarities with existing methods. I will look into it more for the next few days and come back with my...
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    2.64 Single (Jackmennie_23 on IG)

    The arguments made here aren't hating on him. The argument is that the simplest explanation of what is being presented is that the solve is fake. It is not impossible that the solve is real, but certainly given the information we have in this thread it is the outcome which has less supporting...
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    [WR] 3x3 With Feet 27.93 single Fakhri Raihaan

    Craziness. So many world records broken recently.
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    Site Upgrade

    At initial view I agree with rubixwiz however after looking at it for about 30 seconds I've adapted and think it's fine. I think the reason why it looked strange (at least to me) is because of being accustomed to the current color scheme of the site.
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    Hi, I'm Julia

    Roux's a lot of fun. When I was a beginner I kind of cheated myself by only learned CFOP and didn't learn the others until later on (25ish seconds). I started Roux and became addicted and it has been my main method ever since. Learn (to a certain extent) all of the big four to find what you...
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    Shengshou 3x3 review/my thoughts

    Yeah, my assessment of it is that it's a great cube and I would use it as a main if Dayan and F-IIs didn't exist.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    What edge pairing method is typically used for big cubes and where can I learn it?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    My first sub-20 average of 12 and sub-19 average of 5. I was also glad because I recognized in time to learn one of the (few) CMLLs I know quickly. Average of 12: 19.71, (17.63), 18.11, 21.15, 19.97, 18.50, 21.89, 17.81, (26.24), 18.96, 24.28, 17.98 = 19.84 Average of 5: (17.63), 18.11...
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Well, it is crisp and I suppose a Rubik's brand is also. If you are looking for a good crisp feel I would recommend a Lingyun v2 however. 3 cycles are more efficient. Piece by piece methods are like Old Pochmann where you swap 2 sets of 2 pieces, one of which you ignore and will end up...
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    Is my Fully Functioning Lego 3x3 Design worth buying the pieces to build?

    Thanks. I'll be ordering the pieces and working on construction and instructions over the next few weeks from time to time. Hopefully I'll have a good finished product by the end of this summer.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Is it possible for me to tension my shengshou big cubes (4x4-7x7) without disassembling them?