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    Light up LED cube

    i think the op meant this cube his channel was promoted by crazybadcuber
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    Why did YOU start cubing?

    2007 when I was 9. I was in this store with my mum when she showed me a cube and called it qubix or something that sounds similar (apparently it was called that in Korea like 20 years ago) and bought me it. I was playing around with it at home when it cracked (it was a cheap Chinese cube), and...
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Difference with traxxas Hi, I use a Dayan Guhong V2 that I have bought online. It's been broken in and slightly modded, but I feel it is under-performing a bit. I believe this is because I use CRC 808 silicone spray. I live in New Zealand, so it was the only available lube offline. Right after...
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    How to get faster

    Thanks for the answers. I'll just practice F2L both intuitively and algorithmically, finding the most efficient ways. I won't even solve the LLs and just focus on the F2L. Hope I'll be able to get my current times by May with F2L :) Edit: Just saw your other replies. I'll try to avoid algorithms...
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    How to get faster

    I can match up easy pairs intuitively, but when it comes to a harder case, I just can't figure out how to match them without doing a billion turns. If I learn algorithmically, is there a certain order in which I should learn them?
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    How to get faster

    How long would it take till my times start going down if I learn F2L? I am a pretty quick learner
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    How to get faster

    @Tenaji Thanks for your reply. Maybe I wasn't clear on this, but I currently DON'T know f2l. However, I DO know 2 Look OLL and 2 Look PLL. I also know about 3 extra OLLs. Should I learn f2l first?
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    How to get faster

    What should I learn Hi, I've been cubing for quite a while. I actually started around 6 years ago when I was 9~10. However, I only knew the beginner's method with a time of around 1 minute and only solved when I was in front of people. I stopped after a while and only solved my cube every...