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    [Discussion Thread] Music and cubing

    I think listening to raps gives us fast times. It works for me on 4x4. (I listen to Eminem, Jay Z etc. etc. but Nas the most!).
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    New MoYu 5x5x5

    Who knows, we may have the Moyu 5x5 in such grand packaging? Just kidding... this is old... and not Moyu :p
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    New MoYu 5x5x5

    Any Russian Cubers who have tried the store I don't think they have the official product. Anyway I ain't buying from them. Maybe from the cubicle or speedsubeshop.
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    Hey, I'm 53-54 on 4x4. I really need to get sub - 50. I use reduction 3-2-2-2-3 edges. I don't I'll switch to yau or hoya. So what is it that I can do. I see that Yau and Hoya are very fast methods. But i can't get really good times with it. here is a list of what you could suggest: 1. I use...
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    Theoretical World Record Prediction for Big Cubes

    Nice to see this kind of thing. I'm aiming for the 5x5 world record thing. We could see 39:19 on 20x20 only if we anybody has one. Theoretically, that figure is true though. Looks like you did a lot of work. Good job.
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    [Review] ShengShou 7x7x7

    Store : Speedcubes Shop Price: $35 (I think,I'm not sure) Good. Turning is smooth, but awkward inner layer cutting gets the center pieces to pop. But still worth the money.
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    All Parity Dance

    Hey Brian, I see u live in Taiwan. So is the availability of sppedcubes easy there. Just wanted to know.
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    All Parity Dance

    What was that? Very funny but... I don't know. What to write.
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    What's your favorite WCA event?

    5x5,4x4,Square 1 and 6x6. Asia 13-16
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    Reduction vs Yau on 5x5

    I posted because a guy wanted to know who used what. Plus, I forgot to quote. Does Kevin use Yau? You are an experienced cuber and you will surely know. Now I believe he does.
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    Reduction vs Yau on 5x5

    Kevin uses reduction so does Feliks. For 5x5. For 4x4 Kevin uses reduction and Feliks uses yau.
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    Which is better for 2x2x2? CLL or Ortega?

    CLL if you can learn algs quick+you want to get a headstart Ortega if you wish to learn a method quick.
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    Reduction vs Yau on 5x5

    Okay. I'm no super cuber, but I about 1:30 on 5x5. Okay, I agree that you can get good move counts and solves if you practice it. I realize that now. Sorry for the wrong statement. But I stand on Yau for 4x4. Sukesh
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    Reduction vs Yau on 5x5

    Reduction is kind of better than Yau, on 5x5. Its got lesser no. of moves and is kind of effective. If you use reduction of 5x5, thne stick with it. Switch to Yau on 4x4. That's what I'd give you.
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    [Indian NR] Bhargav Narasimhan OH 11.63 Single

    Great solve! Long time since I've posted. Nice. So, new Record. Sukesh