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    What do you do when you have parity on bottom?

    I'm just beginning with squan myself, but are you talking about parity as the last step? I learned you can do parity before pbl, which is a shorter alg, and I assume you can do it on the top no matter what.
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    Stwert's Progression

    Well it's been a while, but my Ao100 is now sub 1 minute, and given that I only have ~700 timed solves, I'm calling myself sub-1 now. I usually get in the 40s or 50s, unless I screw up a perm or something, in which case I get like 1:15 or more, which drives my average way up. My best ao12 is 49.75
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    Shreks Cubing journey to sub 20

    How many solves do you do to get accurate splits?
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    Stwert's Progression

    Now that I've finished pll, I can focus on spamming solves, and I think my times are really going to start coming down. Today I got a new single pb: 34.55 And a new Ao5 49.2 And my ao50 and Ao100 are getting closer to sub 1min.
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    [Member Intro] uh... hi?

    Welcome to the forums where people will either tell you to use an entirely different method or advise you on things to learn that you've already learned. 28 in 3 weeks on a Rubik's brand no less is very impressive
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    Stwert's Progression

    Finished full PLL! I occasionally mess one up, but I feel pretty solid on almost all of them. I'm still not sub 1 minute, but I think my plan is to focus on practicing cross and f2l until I get sub 40. I figure my OLL and PLL will naturally get a lot faster as I do more solves.
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    World Record Predictions for the year 2030

    My prediction is there will be no comps in 2030 due to a global pandemic.
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    Team, coop, competitive games

    You could chain this and have everyone cross arms and solve half of a cube with right hand on their left and another with their left hand on their right. Also I imagine you could a challenge version of team OH where you can't say anything to each other, and hope you both know the same algs.
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    Team, coop, competitive games

    Nice! I've never been to a comp, so I don't know what sort of things people get up to.
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    Team, coop, competitive games

    This thread is for ideas of fun twisty puzzle games you can play with multiple people (2, 3 or more). Bonus points if it works well for people at different speeds or abilities. One idea I did with my 2 kids is a 3x3 layer by layer relay. We all solved layer one, then passed the cube to the...
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    Stwert's Progression

    No worries, I'm glad people on the forums are keen to help. But I also kind of feel like generally speaking, unless someone is asking how to get faster, they probably aren't likely to need recommendations for learning new methods.
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    [Member Intro] My Member Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Stwert's Progression

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, but to be honest, I really don't need "learn x to get faster" tips. I know what I need to do to get faster, and I've already learned most of what's been suggested. It's a common difference between a younger cuber and an older one. I learn new stuff before...
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    Stwert's Progression

    4yo got a new pb by a huge margin. 2:54! Now he's on the hunt for sub 1 min. If it's not clear, this is the progression thread for my whole family now, haha.
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    MBLD ER by Krzysztof Bober 42 points

    This may be an unpopular opinion, or maybe not, but I think mbld is the most impressive cubing achievement. Especially for someone who doesn't know the methods (I do for the most part), it just seems insane.