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    Fingertrick B and B’ during f2l?

    I would do f' L f for that case. Or, if it was formed at the back, l U L' U' M'.
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    I use the inverse. Much of a muchness, I guess...
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    Upcoming puzzles

    ^^ Looks like the Cubetwist bandaged DIY
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    [Help Thread] Axis Cube Discussion and Help Thread

    I love shapemods, and I usually go with something like this: -switch BR and FR corners with Niklas L U' R' U L' U' R (U2) -orient corners with Sunes -U-perm the edges -orient any centres which moved as a result of the last step with (R U R' U)5 - to rotate the U centre 180 degrees - and/or (M' U...
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    [Help Thread] Axis Cube Discussion and Help Thread

    It’s a while since I’ve solved an axis cube - it’s a fun puzzle - but I’m pretty sure those are corners...
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    Why do people consider Petrus bad?

    It was a while back, but you've put me in mind of this thread.
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    That seems like a great idea. I don't have any standout way of finding new podcasts, it's often as not from going through the "best of year" reviews. That, and picking them up ad hoc from interviews when someone mentions another podcast they or their guest have been on. I'm always worrying about...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    Ooh best episodes? OK, not an easy question but I'll see what I can do! -Henry and Heidi - Petshop, Mr Pepperman, Lollapalooza, Shatner, Hubert Selby Jr. Although he's such a good raconteur I could listen to him talk about almost anything and I don't think there's a bad episode. -Planet Money -...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    Thanks for the post pjk, I love podcasts and always looking for new stuff. Apart from Smart Drug Smarts and Trend Following (which I don't know but will check out), all your other recommendations I can second as they're in my feed already! I also cherry pick quite heavily from Ferriss and...
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    Last layer issues

    Depending on the picture, it's possible that the LL centre piece needs rotated?
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    (E R)4 for OLL R L U2 R' L' for PLL Is all you need
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    Server Upgrade and New Moderators

    None better!
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    3x3x5 Tower Cuboid Edge Swap/Parity

    Yes, that's correct.
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    3x3x5 Tower Cuboid Edge Swap/Parity

    I'm sorry, but I can't follow the above - can you elaborate? It seems like you must be holding the puzzle with a 3x3 face as F, but I've tried it on a physical 3x3x5 and it doesn't work. The way I read it, the part I've bolded above doesn't do anything. I've never seen this position, and I'm...