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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    We'll do a quick how-to for first time competitors and judges before we start, but shouldn't need to show up any earlier. Definitely appreciate the help!
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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    I don't envision needing to drop anything other than Megaminx (and even that's a maybe, but don't get your hopes too high?) It just really depends on how quickly we can get everyone through 3-5. High number of competitors in 3 shouldn't be too big of a problem (particularly if we have a lot of...
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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    Just trying to get the word out! X-posting from the facebook group:
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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    I'll bring Megaminx scrambles, but would suggest nobody get their hopes up! Maybe I'm worried over nothing, and things will run smooth as silk!
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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    You make a very good point. But you'll notice there are 56 registered competitors. It auto-registered me when I created the site, though you are correct that I probably should have removed my registration to limit confusion. And I agree with the other comments here, I really wish we hadn't had...
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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    Yeah, sorry about the mix up, guys. When I flipped the switch to force pre-pays it hid everyone who had not paid. I didn't notice, because everyone was still showing up on the admin page. We should be good now, sorry for the confusion! Also This is because I haven't actually signed up for...
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    graphing a cat

    I know I've seen a site somewhere that will generate an equation for you given a graph. Still hunting for it. In the mean time, this is why you shouldn't graph a cat! Edit: Found the one I was thinking of, unfortunately it does not allow for arbitrary pictures. Unfortunately...
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    US Nationals 2010

    Did you know... -SQUID!
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    I've always wondered.

    But then the elephants go away...
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    [Unofficial] Rubik's breath solve

    Back when I lived in an apartment ane had access to a pool, I had a cube dedicated to underwater solves. Lots of fun! Actually I still have the cube... It's very very rusty now.
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    Cubers: The Documentary

    Dan Knights set up a screening of this before one of the Boulder competitions. It was pretty good, but also pretty depressing. So really old-school solving styles and whatnot goes on in it too, which is fun.
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    Mobile Phone OS Poll

    Palm WebOS here. A timer / scrambler exists here.
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    2010 Oklahoma Open

    Wow, really? I'll have to try to go back for this one. OU Grad :D
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    Java compiler/IDE

    No offence meant, some people sounded like they were a bit confused about it. As for your appdata issue when installing the jdk, what's the output if you open a cmd prompt and type echo %APPDATA%I think on vista this should spit back out "C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming" if it's...
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    Java compiler/IDE

    For a big project an IDE like Eclipse (What I use at work), Netbeans, or IntelliJ (What a few co-workers use at work) is probably going to help. For little, one off, programs a code editor like JGrasp or Geany (never tried JCreator) is enough. In fact I learned on JGrasp because it's quick...