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    I'm always on, but I'm always away. iSniph :o :o :o
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    4x4 multiple edge pairing video?

    I just realized this is in the wrong section.
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    Reached Sub-1-Minute

    I'm not sure what people averaging with the different last layers, but what is really key to good times is your f2l. With a decent f2l, I could average around 25-30 seconds with a 4 look, and i averaged around 23 second with 3 look, now with partial 2 look, i average around 18 seconds.
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    Better cubes

    is anything fair in life?
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    Reached Sub-1-Minute

    I've said it before, and I will continue to say it. With any decent beginners method, you should be able to average sub 45, or even 35. Keep practicing with your current method, learn intuitive f2l, then a 3 look with Pll, then Oll.
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    non-cubers are easily impressed

    impressing people was fun at first, now i hate the attention. I always get asked the same questions and I am repeatably doubted in my skills. I have actually lied and told people I cant' solve it to avoid the attention.
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    4x4 multiple edge pairing video?

    I know videos are out there, and yet I can't seem to find a good one. Any help?
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    Plug your Stackmat into your computer!

    This is perfect. I have wanted something like this for awhile. Thanks :) Also, I think it's time for Chris of to improve jnetcube with some of these sick features :)
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    How Often?

    I wish i had that kind of dedication chris.
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    :) It's nice to see another avatar fan on these boards. Check my sig :D If you're not already apart of, you should join!
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    Learning F2L 'algs'

    I agree Laire, way to many steps. Your's is nice.
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    Frank Morris' 1:38 5x5 solve

    Bravo.. bravo.
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    Learning F2L 'algs'

    I average 18 seconds right now. With beginners method, I was averaging 35 seconds. It took about one month after learning intuitive F2l to get as fast as my old method.
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    zuko, are you an avatar fan?
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    Learning F2L 'algs'

    I don't know about your recommendation to learn full fridrich Av. I didn't learn any keyhole ever. I jumped straight from beginners method, to beginners method plus 3 look, to Intuitive f2l + 3 look and that's where I am now, except i know a good 50+ Oll.