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    Gan 12

    I've tried some solves from my cubing friend's 12 (maglev version). It's disappointing. During a move, the feel is light at the start but some strange friction quickly kicks in (like rubbing glass or something). So you feel light and stuck and the same time. The problem is the cube has...
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    Speedcubedb Shutting Down (It's Back Up and Running)

    When you say James Chang (TheCubicle) asked you to open-source your code, do you mean I'm a bit confused, I mean, that's powered by SCS and made by you, right? So why does James want to ask for open source, to the extent of threatening? Also, you make for...
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    The Day we all switched to Yau

    I'm curious, are there any top solvers (say, WR 100) use Hoya on 4x4 besides "the Hoya Guy"?
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    Hoya 4x4 cross edge pairing (learning notes)

    Hello there! I like Hoya in 4x4, and sometimes I feel cross pairing can be tricky -- similar to F2L, we can do the cross edge pairing intuitively, but for some cases there are just better ways to handle. Therefore, for my own learning, I summarized an algo sheet that tries to include all cases...
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    Do you think that 15 puzzle should be a WCA event?

    + It's a cool event to watch - It's not a twisty puzzle, or more precisely, it's a 2D puzzle, not a 3D spatial puzzle. (Clock belongs to this category as well)
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    How to be sub 20

    I'm around the same speed of you, and I look at it in another perspective: Roll a dice long enough, you will get 3 consecutive ace in a row. Similarly you may come at a point where you get some easy solves so get sub-20 AO5 , and that depends on luck. At one day it might be 10 solves to get...
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    How long do you need to make 6 centers? (Or 6 centers + 4 cross edges if you're using Yau/Hoya)
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    Cubing Videos: Real or Fake

    Oh well... I believe it's just one case, not about "VN" cubing as a country I suppose? I feel your frustration though
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    My post was waiting for approval and then silently removed

    Yes I have, you mean like this one right?
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    My post was waiting for approval and then silently removed

    Hi there, I posted a post about event statistics in General Speedcubing Discussion, and my post was marked as waiting for approval -- which I can understand, but then my post just got silently removed, and no messages/notifications/emails about the reasons, what I might violate, etc. That's...
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    "How fast should I solve 5x5?" - Time across WCA events

    Hi there, Occasionally I see questions like "I'm sub-XX in 3x3, how fast should I solve a 5x5?". Therefore I did some simple statistics of people's time in WCA competitions and tried to find the correlation. Here are some examples: I...