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    2020 Race to sub-x on a 3x3

    Goal: Sub 15 Cube: GANS 356 R Method: CFOP 1. 13.46 2. 18.71 3. 16.18 4. 18.15 5. 15.77 6. 18.77 (Worst) 7. 14.35 8. 10.97 (PLL Skip/Best) 9. 18.24 10. 13.72 11. 16.69 12. 12.72 AvG 5: 15.79 So inconsistent Joys of taking 3 years off!
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    2020 Race to sub-x on a 3x3

    Goal: Sub 15 Cube: GANS 356 R Method: CFOP 15.78 16.93 (WORST) 15.58 15.05 13.75 15.38 16.48 12.81 (PLL Skip) 16.49 12.42 full-step (BEST) 15.21 14.53 Ao12: 15.10
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    Wellington Autumn 2016 (New Zealand)

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    [Member Intro] Hello from New Zealand!

    Hey hey, another NZ cuber here, from Rotorua! :D I was reading through this and was curious as to how much you've improved? ^_^ Anyway, I hope to see you at some future competitions! I was supposed to go to Nats but work wouldn't allow me the time off throughout December >.< Ah well.
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    Hamilton Spring 2015 (New Zealand)

    Hahahaha, I still needa save for an overseas comp man, 2 shifts a week just doesnt cover it anymore :'(
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    Hamilton Spring 2015 (New Zealand)

    DENE y u no come to the comp :'(
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    Hamilton Spring 2015 (New Zealand)

    Sweet man, thanks for the update!
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    This is incredible! :O Very nice work, Matt!
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    [Unofficial] 138 Pyraminx Solved while Hula Hooping (UWR)!

    Who said that "looking faster to the community" was his incentive at all? You have completely jumped the gun here, and started pointing fingers and accusing him of stuff which is false. He is having FUN. If he wants to post it, let him post it. If you don't like the thread name, don't open the...
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    Ahhhhh, now THAT gotta suck! Hopefully we can fit in multi-bld at Hamilton, if you come up! ;D
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    [Member Intro] Hello!

    Welcome to the forums! :D I am quite envious of your collection, as I am only just starting to collect puzzles again! :) Hope to see you active on here!
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    Dene, seriously, what are the odds of that happening though? :P
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    [Member Intro] Hello

    In my opinion, it would be best to learn F2L ASAP, because the more solves you do with LBL/beginners, the harder it may become to swap to F2L. I know the transition from LBL - F2l for me was INCREDIBLY difficult. But when I got F2L down, I improved by about 10-15 seconds!
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    Your Parents and Cubing

    Both of my parents are very supportive of it, my father used to drive me to every comp until I moved to my mothers, now I can drive/fly anywhere there is a comp! But back to topic, no, my parents do not hate cubing. In fact, they ask me questions about it quite a lot, including EXACTLY how to...
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    Hamilton Spring 2015 (New Zealand)

    Do iiiiit. Or I'll send you 2x2's in the mail every week for the rest of your life.