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    CubingUSA Regional Championships

    I think it makes more sense for someone to be able to represent the place where they call home rather than the country they happen to have a passport from. There are probably lots of non-US citizens who haven't been to the country of their birth in years, and while it's how the WCA does things...
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    CubingUSA Regional Championships

    Then you're arbitrarily excluding new competitors, and people who live in areas who may not have many competitions. Why shouldn't they have a chance at a championship title?
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    CubingUSA Regional Championships

    Out of curiosity, how would you propose that be enforced?
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    How to be sub 20

    Lol you quoted an almost 9 year old post. Cube hardware in those days didn't allow you to spam TPS the way everyone does nowadays.
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    Possible WCA Comp in Chicago Area?

    Your priority needs to be finding a venue and a delegate before you start working out the schedule. The venue will determine how many competitors you can accommodate as well as other restrictions - if for instance they want you cleaned up and out by 6pm (which is not uncommon for a one day venue...
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    [WR] Yu Da Hyun - Megaminx Single 33.17 & Average 37.25

    I can't even scramble a megaminx that fast...
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    CubingUSA Nationals 2017 - Fort Wayne, Indiana (July 7-9)

    CubingUSA is basically the organizer team that has organized US Nationals every year (and maintained the website that many US competition sites have been hosted on). We've finally incorporated as a non-profit organization this year, so we actually exist as a legal entity now.
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Because everyone seems to have so much fun guessing!
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Great to hear! Feel free to submit a proposal for 2017 (or later) when you have it narrowed down to something more specific than "I know a couple of places it could be held". In addition to cost, don't forget to look into lodging, transportation and food options. You can contact us via the...
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    [email protected] 2015

    CubingUSA will be hosting an official WCA sanctioned Rubik's cube speedsolving competition in conjunction with SkillCon, the ultimate skill convention, at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas on November 7. Contested events will be: 3x3 Speedsolve 2x2 Speedsolve 4x4 Speedsolve 3x3 One...
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    Qualifying Competitions (US Nationals)

    Worth mentioning, this isn't just hypothetical - cubers have already been kept out of Nats. In 2014 and 2015 we had to close registration and not allow late or walk-in registrations. In 2014 in particular we were way over capacity for what our venue could handle.
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    Proposal: changing time limits and #of advancing people during a competition

    Unforeseen circumstances like this are why planning guidelines shouldn't be codified in the regulations. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.
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    US Nationals 2014 - Jersey City, New Jersey - August 1-3, 2014

    In case you haven't seen the newest announcement on the registration page, there will be no day-of registration or adding events. Sorry, but we are over capacity as it is. If you want to remove any events, just let us know using the contact form.
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    US Nationals 2014 - Jersey City, New Jersey - August 1-3, 2014

    The fastest and most cost efficient mode of transportation is probably to rent a car for the weekend and/or carpool.
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    US Nationals 2014 - Jersey City, New Jersey - August 1-3, 2014

    Last we checked only a quarter of our room block has been booked. Did you try using the block code (CGMAN1)?