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    California Proposition 19 (Legalization of Marijuana)

    Seriously, there's only been one study? I highly doubt that. And so what if there are smart potheads? Who knows how much smarter they'd be if they didn't do that crap. Also, when i say potheads, i don't mean everyone who smokes weed. I'm referring to the equivalent of an alcoholic, that all...
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    California Proposition 19 (Legalization of Marijuana)

    fatboyxpc, when i mentioned second hand smoke i was referring to cigarettes. I don't know about joints though. AndreaBananas, i agree, i shouldn't, but i still do. They just seem worthless to me.
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    Guy or gal and age?

    Everyone's so young here. I feel old at 25. And damn, about 180 votes and only 3 females in my age group. Weak.
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    California Proposition 19 (Legalization of Marijuana)

    I hate some people more than others, like pothead, :p The reason i hate potheads is cause i have really bad short term memory, and i DESPISE it. So. Damn. Much. I forget things instantly. It pisses me off. And yet there are people who do it to themselves on purpose and for what? To get yourself...
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    California Proposition 19 (Legalization of Marijuana)

    There were a lot of potential benefits but i hate potheads so i'm glad it didn't get passed. It probably will eventually. I actually think more stuff should be made illegal. Like cigarrete smoking. It increases air polution and second hand smoke can be more toxic than the crap they're sucking...
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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    That restaurant story was awful. That must have been so annoying. This is why i don't cube in public.
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    GuHong worth getting? Pros, cons. Troubles?

    Yeah, who spends that much on lunch? Are you going to a fancy diner for lunch or what?
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    Should I wait for the Dayan 4x4 or just get a Maru?

    Just get a LanLan or YJ off of Lightake. They're about 1/3 of the price and I hear they're good. I have the LanLan and it's pretty good. The stickers suck though. Not the quality but the colors. The green is darker than the black and it can be hard to tell them apart. It's killing my recognition...
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    Lightake Order Thread!

    I've made about 5 orders in the past few months. Don't even know what i got each time. Is there a record somewhere? I don't have an account with lightake, i just use paypal.
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    Lightake - Always Best Cubes with Best Price, Try now!

    Hello lightake. I've purchased about 20 puzzles from you guys and besides a few scratches, scuff marks and bad stickers, i've been satisfied since they've all been negligable. But there is one puzzle i'm not happy with. Looking through your site right now to find it but it seems you don't even...
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    Mf8&Dayan new 4x4x4 On WitEden

    Damn, i just got a LanLan. Maybe i would have waited for this one had i known. Oh well, that LanLan is pretty good.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    I'm experimenting with that right now actually. Trying to see if it's ever necessary to rotate it only 90 degrees. If not then that makes things a lot simpler. :) I'm going to keep solving my Axis cube and see if it ever comes up. If not then i'm set. Update: Looking at the textures on my...
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Those two are great, but is there one that only rotates it one turn? Both of those rotates it twice.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    What's the best algorithm for rotating/orienting a single center on a 3x3x3 cube or mod?
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    Crazy Megaminx By MF8??? O.o

    That thing looks insane. I'm too lazy to even solve my regular megaminx cause it takes so long (i have bad eyes and it takes me AGES to find the pieces) so solving a crazy version would border on tedium instead of fun.