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    Hybrid Puzzles thread

    How about a mix between a Rubik's, a Guanlong, and a VCube? It can be called the Rublong V Yeet Extreme.
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    Anyone else have a "lucky" cube?

    Hey, the Guanlong V3 is a pretty spankin' cube. Dare I say, it's underrated. I don't have a "lucky cube" per se, but I broke my record AO5 a few hours ago with the custom magnetized Thunderclap Daxton set up for me. Granted, I don't practice much. I'm only sub 30.
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    Cursed cubing terms

    Blind Skewb with feet Skewb OH H perm on a 13x13
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    The Personal Fun Fact Game!

    Pineapple on pizza? Could be worse. Could be anchovies. Fish freak me out. It's something about their beady eyes and scaly skin that unsettles me.
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    The Personal Fun Fact Game!

    Fishing, eh? Could be worse. It could be pens. On that note, I used to collect things, lots of things. Pens, computer mice, boxes, trading card games, and now cubes are a part of my ever-growing collection of stuff. By the way, if you want a fast-drying pen, especially if you're a lefty, go...
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    What is the origin of your SpeedSolving profile picture?

    Mine is the face of a gingerbread man from Candyland, the board game. I just thought it looked funny.
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    [Member Intro] new member

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    Upcoming puzzles

    Make that two. I'm a sucker for budget cubes.
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    Magnetic vs non magnetic

    I think it depends on the cube. I have this weird relationship with my Little Magic. I LOVE the way it feels unmagnetized. I have a magnetic one which is pretty good, but I always go back to the unmagnetized one. Inversely, I think the Meilong with magnets is great.
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    1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

    There goes my hype... 589. Mortgage your house for the Gan XS
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    1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

    577. Wipe your tears with a Rubik's brand 3x3.
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    Upcoming puzzles

    Another look at the Thunderclap V3. According to SCS, it looks like the V3M will be somewhere in the $10 range. (Edit: Grammar :P)
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    [Member Intro] GREETINGS

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    1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

    570. Solve a 2x2 blindfolded 571. Solve a 17x17 using only M and U moves 572. Build an 18x18 573. Persuade Qiyi to start working on a new 3x3 flagship (Thunderclap V3 doesn't count) 574. Buy the Thunderclap V3 anyway once it comes out
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    [Member Intro] Salutations, fellow humans.

    Thank you very much!

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