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    Moyu Tangpo

    I've always been slightly disappointed by the Moyu cubes i've used in the past. Probably still gonna get it though! :D
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    The Gans 356S is here!

    This looks super awesome. I've got to get one.
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    [Review] DaYan 2x2x2

    Nice review thanks
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    [Review] Cyclone Boys 5x5

    Its a pretty nice cube. I actually quite like the stickers and the performance is pretty average if not above average.
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    [Review] MoYu AoSu 4x4x4

    I love this cube its my favourite 4x4.
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    Thanks this advice is great. After only a few weeks I've taken my average down a good 5 seconds :D
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    [Review] YuXin 3x3

    i love the YuXin 3x3 it has everything you want from a cube. As somebody whose had a problem with popping in the past this is a god sent.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Dayan is my favourite brand of cube. Or maybe shengshou.