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    Chesapeake Science Point Spring 2013 - April 13, 2013

    Tempting. If Mike Kotch goes, I might. I don't see him on the registration list, even though I've seen him post in this thread implying that he's going :(.
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    [Unofficial] a small kitten 2H 9.26 average of 5 (with 7.36 single)

    I went to LSCO 2012 (Mike Kotch convinced me to go) and you were not there. How unfortunate >:(
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    Liberty Science Center Open 2012

    That awkward moment I don't practice for a year and I smash my single PB by .5+ and average by a bit. I should have probably done a few blind practice solves. They were all extremely awkward. Had 1:40 DNF because I switched up two sentences (I had AB CD and I executed as AD CB. Switched the...
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    Liberty Science Center Open 2012

    Yeah...about me going...probably not going now. Shame I already paid too.
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    Liberty Science Center Open 2012

    No, we have not. I'll be hanging out with Mike Kotch during this competition.
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    Liberty Science Center Open 2012

    I should be there to embarrass myself.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    This may seem silly, but next NY comp I'll be going to most likely. SJC may be my next comp, despite how far away it is. I have someone I want to meet in NY. I'll want to practice some before I go back to comp...I'm like mid/low 13 right now :-/
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    Accomplishment Thread

    11.73, 11.57, 13.29, 11.68, 12.39, 13.03, 14.03, 11.27, 13.56, 11.07, 9.87, 11.66 = 12.13 Full step sub10. Surprised I still have some speed.
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    New Blind Method (3EF)

    So basically just because YOU think BH is too hard, we shouldn't do it? It took me months and about 4-5 times to fully learn BH. I would go over EVERy case to learn it. If you don't want to put in the work, don't use it. Don't let your laziness rub off on us.
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