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    Full fitted vs not full fitted stickers

    I like stickerd puzzles and I think full fitted stickers make the puzzle look big and it can cause some troubles with recognition. But that's just my opinion.
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    [Member Intro] Hi, I am gancuberXtreme

    Hello! How long have you been cubing for?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    For OLL you could've done F (R U' R' U') (R U R' F') and then T-perm which is way faster. But GJ and congrats!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I'm officially full PLL! I'm also doing white and yellow cross, learning a bunch of OLLs, and working on look-ahead. Good progress overall.
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    1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

    364. Watch every MMP video
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    One Answer Hardware Question Thread

    Speed Cube Shop replacement parts:
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    Upcoming puzzles

    GAN sent Leo Borromeo some good stuff including the 251 2x2 and some hoodies
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    Probability Thread

    Oh! I forgot to post this a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to know what's the probability of getting a LL skip on a kibiminx because I actually got one.
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    Cubers survey

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    Accomplishment Thread

    I got a 12.15 PR yesterday with the Dayan TengYun!!!!
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    Donald Trump shape mod

    Cool! I think Scooby Doo would be interesting to see next.
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    Self Solving Giant 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube

    Very impressive!!!