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    Weirdest claim ever seen

    The first picture is indeed an A V, I don't know about the second picture, but third picture differs slightly from a New Type A III. It is possible that the designs themselves are original in the sense no one has designed that exact blueprint before, but one can easily tell that it's based on...
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    Review of Main 3x3x3 Cube Models and Clarification on the Naming System of Type A

    here's an even more complete clarification of the cubes on sale at haiyan's site Haiyan's cube(I) = 甲1: Old Type A I. Haiyan's cube(II) = 封2: New Type A II. Haiyan's cube(III) = 封3: New Type A III. Haiyan's cube(IV) = 模1: New Type A IV. Haiyan's cube(V) = 甲5: New Type A V. Haiyan's cube -...
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    Clarification of the Type A V/Haiyan/Haiyan-Memory Cubes

    the fact that you say that the haiyan cube is a "a type v that haiyan himself modded" and then you go on to say that its a "a normal type a v" confuses the hell out of me. it's clearly not just a normal type a v, it's a modded type a v. i would suggest removing the phrase "this is a normal type...
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    Type A V and Type C 1 Review

    you gotta grade these cubes a little harsher
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    The Cube Hybrid Thread

    i think i agree for the most part. two things: 1. good responses are going to be limited. with the amount of active members we have, good responses would just be two or three at best (?). 2. i dont think it's too much work for someone who is passionate about hybrids. look at pentrixter's...
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    The Cube Hybrid Thread

    yea... this thread is just one of the many "list all hybrids" threads out there... hybrid threads by nature just don't work very well because everyone will just end up listing their own hybrid and call it "best hybrid in the world." some hybrids get mentioned more than once. then people would...
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    (New) Type a II sucks?

    new type a ii is only good when broken into a TON. it's got soft plastic so it shouldnt take that long...
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    Taiyan II Black

    how does taiyan ii contrast with taiyan i in terms of structure and performance?
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    Best Cube out of the Box

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    New type A models - how'd you name it?

    dan, you're not making this clearer. also, according to the poll new type a iii wins. so by your rules, we're calling "fully sealed guo jia ver.3" the "new type a iii."
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    Review of Main 3x3x3 Cube Models and Clarification on the Naming System of Type A

    Review of Main 3x3x3 Cube Models... maybe? i dunno. pent is banned now so too bad.
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    Is this a type F

    we cant. but we cant always play skeptic either. we'll just have to go with the evidence we've got now.