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    2014 Cubing Idea

    hey, had a similar idea which i've shared on this forum some time ago, check this out, we seem to have a similar idea about the team solving :)
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I've just solved my first BLD, after long hours of training i managed to get 3.49.44 including memo, happy times :D
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    UK Cubers!

    I'm coming! Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University wooo!
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    UK Championship 2013

    Done it pretty much for 90% of Cambridge, up for doing it again, count me in Dan! :)
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    I solve with Fridrich for over 5 years now, averaging 20sec, would it be a good move for me to learn and move to Roux? Would I get any faster or there's no point after 5 years of having my mind set on Fridrich?
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    Guildford Open 2013

    was a tough decision but... basically got invited to Reading Festival that happens to be ON THE SAME WEEKEND as the competition, sigh ): after a lot of thinking i've decided that i won't be able to come to Guildford this year ): I hope the rest of you have a great competition tho, i'll catch up...
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    Guildford Open 2013

    Excited to see you all again, buzzzzz
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    [WR] Marcin Zalewski Blindfolded 23.80 (Polish Nationals)

    Knew it's gonna happen at the Polish Nationals, so much BLD potential there right now o: incredible solve and reaction, gratulacje Marcin!
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    Guildford Open 2013

    ...SO MUCH TO JUDGE... I mean, I'm in of course!
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    London cube meet, Sunday 23rd June (?)

    Too early of a notice for me! I need to know like appx two weeks before because I need to book time off work, trains etc!
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    Which hand do you use for 3x3 OH?

    What hand do you use for OH? Hey guys, I just wondered as I'm getting into OH and noticed that despite being right handed I use my left hand to solve. When I try with my, what I thought would be, stronger hand, it just doesn't feel.. Right? I set up a poll in which I ask if you are right or...
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    [UK NR] Alexander Lau - 5.96 3x3 Single - Cambridge 2013

    that massive shout was me haha
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    Cambridge Open 2013

    he also got a 0.68 DNF on 2x2 which we believe is the fastest DNF ever
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    Cambridge Open 2013

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    Cambridge Open 2013

    Fantastic competition, so many records broken! Big thanks to Joey for organising the whole thing, the venue was beautiful. Also thanks to Dan for dealing with me saying DNF every 15 mins and teaching me a fair bit about some rules (: was incredible to see (and judge) Alex's NR as well as watch...