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    Algorithms for creating OLL cases for practising

    Is there a list of "reverse algorithms' that create a OLL case on a solved cube for the purpose of practising newly learned OLLs. I'm trying to learn the remainder of the OLLs but find it hard to create the case that I want. This has probably been asked before but I can't seem to find...
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    UK Open 2012

    haha! You are my wingman dude! Are you bringing the family along?
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    UK Open 2012

    Myself, Sophie and the rest of the clan are coming, we've booked into the travelodge they are doing their £29 offer that weekend! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone old faces and some new ones as we have missed the last couple of competitions due to my operational commitments...
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    Rubik's Legal action?

    Reading through this thread has had me asking the same question. Why do they not employ someone to help them develop a Rubik's brand speedcube? They can call it the Rubiks Pro or something like that, if it's any good they could make a lot of money from it instead of seeming targetting these...
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    Weston-super-Mare Open 2012 (UK)

    Again, I would love to be there but I'm going to be deployed... Again! This will be the third one in a row I've missed. I'm not going to have a chance at regular attendance until I become a civilian!
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    Speedcubing achievements this year

    It's been a good year for me... Personal Acheivements First Sub 40 Average and Single in competition. (Early on in the year) Growing consistency Sub 30 Average (Recent - unofficial) Within the last couple of weeks (First sub 20 single) Regrets* Missing the UK Open due to being deployed...
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    Hi there, Where in Devon are you from? I live in Plymouth with my wife and 3 children...

    Hi there, Where in Devon are you from? I live in Plymouth with my wife and 3 children, thrilled to see another Devonian! Looking forward to meeting you. Robby
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    [Unofficial] 9 Year Old Girl Solving 3x3 Cube In 59 Secs

    I think it's great to see more youngsters taking an interest in it. My daughter Sophie, is only 8 and she has been competing since the age of 7! She's just about to take part in her third competition, she loves it but always comments that she is nearly always the only child there...
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    Greetings from Enterprise

    I can actually solve in Stormtrooper Armour! I have a pair of black latex gloves especially for that purpose. I've always wanted to do an exhibition solve at a competition for charity. We're just on our way back from the middle east and for charity I did solves for the entirety of the Suez...
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    Greetings from Enterprise

    Hi everyone, I've still relatively new to cubing but I'm down to about 35 secs now. It occured to me today that I've never posted an intro! My name is Robby, I'm 38 years old and serving in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Enterprise. I'm married with 3 children, the oldest of which is the...
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    Sebastián Pino Castillo Clock WRs Invalid

    Stormtroopers cannot take shots fullstop!!! No matter where we get hit we always go down! I don't know why we even bother with armour! Stefan might have a point but he get it across without being so arrogant!!!
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    Sebastián Pino Castillo Clock WRs Invalid

    My apologies Sébastien, I have edited my post just in case there is any confusion. Stefan, I think your reply was very rude and patronizing. I don’t know that it happens infrequently, no one can really say for sure. I was attempting to voice my opinion and I got slapped down in doing so...
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    Sebastián Pino Castillo Clock WRs Invalid

    These delegates are placed in a position of trust, to ensure that a competition runs smoothly and 99.9% of the time they do because we have rules and delegates to ensure that they are upheld. The fact that situations like this happen so infrequently proves that the system works. If this was a...
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    Guildford Summer Open 2011 - UK Comp!

    I'm pretty sure that there is a discount code for Travelodge that you can google and it gives you £15 discount I tried it a few months ago and it worked.
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    Speedcubing World Championships 2011 Date and Location

    I think the International Space Station, should host it, a bit of zero G cubing! Might have to modify the rules a little bit.