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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    Awesome, I'll be thoroughly washing mine now too. I'm glad that we could come to a conclusion on this!
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    Replacement for twisttheweb?

    Yeah I really liked how simple TTW was and would go on it frequently :(
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    How is yours set up? I washed the factory lube off all parts (including core and center piece) and even rubbed the GES nuts clean and it still catches. I used only Lubicle Silk, Compound V, and DNM 37.
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    This video shows what I mean.
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    Mine is yellow GES on 1.0 with clear magnets. It is also stickered (if that makes a difference). I feel like lock up is the wrong word, as when turning fast it never lockups. The point is a little hard to articulate, but if you take your cube and slowly turn the U face, you will (or at least OP...
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    Broken Lingpo

    If you liked the lingpo, I would recommend the MF2M. The MF2M is very underrated, and has the same quick but durable and stable feel that isn't present in most cubes. However that is from my personal experience from switching from a lingpo to an MF2M. I have heard that the Valk 2 has a great...
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    Stronger Gan 365 X Magnet Set

    Good points, on second thought I don't think I'll mess with it, and I am already getting used to weaker magnets. It would be interesting to try or to see someone try, but the methods needed are just out of my league in my no modding experience and no equipment to do the mods.
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    I've broken in my 356 X and understand the exact problem, as it is my biggest complaint with the cube. I have determined it is something with the way the core, GES nut, and center cap/piece function together. You will see as I have, that if you take out the pieces and just spin the centers, it...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    You got this wrong, I have both and Compound X slows down the cube, while Compound V speeds it up.
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    Stronger Gan 365 X Magnet Set

    A common complaint (as well as mine) about the Gan 356 X is that of all the magnet choices given, they just don't seem strong enough. I was wondering if anyone knows about a possible second series of magnet sets that GAN will be releasing? If not, does anyone have ideas about modding the...
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    Pyra: U' R U' L B U' R' L' U' B R' r b Solve on blue for a 6 move solution
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I'm right there with you, my PB is 10.08... So close!
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    The WDC and Brazilian Community Rant. (See latest edit, final decision)

    Earlier, Fabiano stated that does safe solves, so is first solves are slower. This is intentional and a legitimate BLD strategy to my understanding.
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    is anyone going to Florence winter 2019?

    I wanted to go to both, as they are of the few midwest competitions, however a my only two swim meets left in the year happen to fall on Jan. 12, and Feb. 16... The dates of Florence Winter 2019, and Derby City Open 2019:confused: :?
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    KOII Cube Club (Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois)

    Okay I see, and yes I would love for there to be more midwestern competitions! Especially since there are events I've been wanting to compete in, but just aren't being held in the few events that occur. Even worse is that I've been wanting to do FMC and feet (which Florence Winter 2019 has)...