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    Senior Pranks?

    A group at our school mowed a giant penis into the school field over night (can be seen in Google earth too :p). My friend and I top decked the toilets in the school hall a week or so before the graduation ceremony. For those of you unaware of what top decking is, it's taking a dump in the...
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    Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand...

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    "pass the chups bro"

    Welcome to the forums! Where in NZ are you from? I'm from Welly and I found we're all pretty spread out when I started fishing for interest on cube meets. Make sure to search the forums before creating threads and you'll enjoy your stay :D. For starters, there are heeeeeaps of WHAT CUBE SHOULD...
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    Next WR Average Holder?

    Faz will remain top until Faz JR breaks Faz's WR when he is aged 6.
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    Reptile in Mortal Kombat is a total badass.
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 8.52 3x3x3 avg

    I look forward to seeing you break your records in person again some time :). Intense stuff. Pretty sure it was me bringing my silicone that allowed this to happen ;P!
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    Rubik's New Zealand Speedcubing Championships 2010

    I'm responsible for the fan club. Currently working on the template for registration forms. (fully sarcastic btw) I didn't get to eat an of my chocolate, Rei hates the taste of coffee but the female OOOOER CHOCOLATE thing kicked in and she devoured it all.
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    Rubik's New Zealand Speedcubing Championships 2010

    Faz = MONSTER! Amusing that my 21.4 average last night became a shocking 42 but at least everyone was noob friendly and I stayed in a good mood :D! Cheeseburger single - 13.1 Cheeseburger 4x relay = 6.2X Wish I started with the relay >.< would have been sub 1 if my stomach didn't already have...
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    Rubik's New Zealand Speedcubing Championships 2010

    If anyone wants to do anything, PM me with cell number. I live in Welly and uber keen to do something :D!
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    All Speedcubin pros vote based on view poll results to balance the Speedcubin poll.
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    Cubing in public when being megaslow; do or don't?

    I picked up my GF by cubing (been over a year now). Public cubing helps for getting used to crowds for competitions but I do tend to choke when people film me. PB was on a bus in front of a bunch of school kids wanting to time me, heh. Been training for the NZ competition less than 2 weeks away...
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    How many cubers play World of Warcraft?

    Been playing since day 1. Main is Blondee on Blackrock Horde and the only other notable character is Waikikamukau (have a few more 80s though). PM me with email here on the forums for a Realid invite so you can tell me to GTFO and cube more xD. Reviving FPS trolling at the same time, won $700...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Danimal says: Ao5 3x3 right now KGO feliks says: kkk also i was trying to beat this atm 8.44, 10.08, 11.53, 8.97, 9.76 = 9.61 meh Other than randomly prodding Feliks to train to beat the 3x3 WR in less than 2 weeks (I owe him a...