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    Weekly Competition 2019-26

    Pyraminx: (5.96), 4.75, 5.44, 5.24, (4.37) Not bad, but could've been sub-5.
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    [Help Thread] Skewb Discussion and Help

    Update: Thank you, weatherman223! You made me realize that I was using four fingers instead of three on my sledge, which got my average down to about sub-7. While I pretty much have given up on skewb recently, I just got an AoYan yesterday and I already love it more than the Wingy. It maintains...
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    [Help Thread] Skewb Discussion and Help

    I think that might be the issue. I'll start doing that and see if it improves. Thanks for the advice. Also, how do I fingertrick the move optimal Z perm? It always takes about four or five seconds for me to do it an it's super inconvenient.
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    Pyraminx Method Order

    While using the algorithmic methods can get you good times, they aren't for everyone. I tried getting fast with 1-Flip and a bit of WO for a month or two, but I found I had hit a plateau. Because of this, I've recently made the decision to switch to L4E, since I'm good at building the V and...
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    [Help Thread] Skewb Discussion and Help

    No matter what I do, my sledge is always incredibly slow and clunky. I know how it's done but there's always something that goes wrong in the execution and I'm not sure what it is. Other info: I use Sarah's Intermediate, my main is a Wingy, I average just below sub-10, and my hedge is...
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    Weekly Competition 2019-11

    2x2: 1. 5.03 2. 4.71 3. (3.32) 4. (7.67) 5. 6.49 Avg: 5.41 3x3: 1. (14.06) 2. (16.45) 3. 14.75 4. 14.80 5. 14.51 Avg: 14.69 4x4: 1. (2:12.70) (pop lmao) 2. 1:14.23 3. 1:16.52 4. (1:06.95) 5. 1:19.09 Avg: 1:16.61 5x5: 1. 2:15.08 2. 2:30.07 3. (2:13.16) 4. 2:39.93 5. (2:44.83) Avg...
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    Stanley Chapel 18.87 official 3BLD single

    Congrats dude, WR 3BLD single when lol
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    I'll Critique Your Solves For Free

    Thanks, I'll DM you the link when I get home.
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    I'll Critique Your Solves For Free

    This seems pretty cool. I'd like to have my 8.92 3x3 PB single critiqued, but all I have is a reconstruction. Is that enough?
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    [Help Thread] Where to get spare parts for your cubes?

    Does anyone know where I could get a replacement center piece for my stickerless MFJS MF8? I can't find any place that sells them, am I just not looking hard enough?
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    Speedcubing in Michigan

    That's... quite the bump there. Anyway, I'm from Michigan. I plan to attend Blue Water Winter 2019, so let me know if I'll see you there!
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    AFAIK only the position of the clocks matter.
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    [Member Intro] New Member

    Hello and welcome! Do you like any other events or non-WCA puzzles?
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    It looks like you're doing K4. Andy's PDF is pretty useful.
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    Selling Collection! (Gan+MoYu+Yuxin+Qiyi)

    How much for the Volt and MF3RS3?