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    Raleigh Comp

    I would almost certainly go cause I'm a 20-30 minutes drive away from Raleigh.
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    Racing to sub-20

    AVERAGE: 28.79 (31.08) 27.68 29.55 28.66 28.91 28.91 28.91 27.66 (24.81) 29.02 29.21 29.43 Just graduated from the Race to Sub-30. I did the first 12 scrambles.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    While doing an average of 100, do you only take out the highest and lowest times when averaging it?
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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    I just noticed my 2nd round average isnt in the chart.
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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    AVERAGE: 26.91 27.33 29.27 26.03 25.83 30.09 :fp 27.80 30.18 :fp 23.97 24.86 26.63 25.88 25.33 Relatively bad for me, got two above 30 times :fp but at least now I can race to sub-20! Thanks Carson for making this awesome thread.
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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    Well I wanted to graduate from this because I started in the old thread when i was just above 30, but it got taken down so now I have to get 3 sub 30s in this thread, when I already got 2 in the old thread.
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    Alpha V vs. F-II

    I've used the F-II a bit since I started this thread, and it's a good cube, my second favorite, but my averages of 12 are around: F-II = 29-31 A-V = 25-27 I didn't exagerate, these are true.
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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    AVERAGE: 25.69 23.43 28.41 22.40 22.61 26.75 (29.93) 22.34 27.86 29.03 (21.18) 27.58 26.52 Nothing sub-20 which was a disappointment but nothing over 30 so that's still very good. After warming up with 30-35 sec solves, I expected a bad average but did surprisingly well.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Is there some program that you can use to show a view of the cube from an angle where you see 3 sides and color in pieces the way you want and draw arrows, etc.? I want to use it to make a document that shows how to solve the cube. Kind of like how PLL and OLL diagrams work but instead of...
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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    AVERAGE: 26.81 28.06 28.13 26.78 26.46 29.71 26.72 25.56 (31.52) 23.50 29.47 23.72 (19.50) Didn't set a new PB single like I did last 2 times in the old thread. If the old thread was still up this would have made me graduated :(
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    "New World Record" (Burger King Ad)

    I wouldn't have been surprised if the chicken solved it in 9 seconds and they said it was a new world record.
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    Have u found free cubes before?

    I am pretty sure woth and thigs aren't words.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    During OH solves, can you drop the cube on the table to line up misaligned layers?
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    So...Are non-Rubik's cubes all illegal.

    I feel like I'm reading Lunch Money.
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    How do you personally do F' turns?

    Left index, the same way you would do a U'. I usually do a part-rotation (just tilting the cube up but not really rotating it) to bring the front face partway from being in the front to the top.