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    I watched the Nice Rubric Rap for 1 hour

    give me clout
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    Feliks and Jay (Drake and Josh parody)

  3. -RandomCuber- Answers | What is the worst incident that happened to you in a Competition?

    try putting music in the background next time to make it sound more appealing. Also maybe try to use a different voice. Still a pretty good video
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    Redi cube

    *cough* bring back redi cube hype *cough*
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    cubing memes that make me wanna peel the stickers off

    heres 10 minutes of cubing memes i made
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    [Help Thread] Redi Cube Discussion & Help Thread

    Yeah so there are probably A LOT of more Algs, but I just picked some easily recognizable cases. Maybe if this gets good feedback I could make this a whole algset
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    [Help Thread] Redi Cube Discussion & Help Thread

    Reviving this thread because I developed a subset for the second layer+LL of redi cube. It's called RSLE (couldn't think of a good name). There is an explanation on the document but basically the algs are used to solve the last edge of the second layer while simultaneously solving the whole...
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    C•U•B•I•N•G (Friends Parody)

    would appreciate it a lot if y'all checked this video out and the other memes on my channel
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    [Help Thread] Redi Cube Discussion & Help Thread

    but are we counting it as a redi cube?
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    Feliks Zemdegs in Minecraft

    Self explanatory
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    [Help Thread] Redi Cube Discussion & Help Thread

    yeah honestly the cube should never come off the table. watch fast solvers like Vladimir (Channel Link here) And Ian (Channel Link Here)
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    2x2 Ortega Example Solves

    Okay yeet yeet mystery meat this was like a year ago, I'm gonna delete this soon, and I also know CLL and half EG-1 rn and have a 3.39 average in comp. but yeah besides the flexing, this is super old and I'm pretty sure I unlisted the vid
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    Northeast Championship

    Like posted on the competition page of the wca site?