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    Need An Update On Speedsolving *Feeling Lost*

    COLL was already in use by most top cubers, I just never bothered learning it. Thanks for all the replies, reading different threads gave me long-term and short term goals that I will most definitely need to improve. *Two thumbs up*
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    Should I Quit?

    Hi there, don't give up! Reading your post tells alot about your current level of cubing... and to be frank there is still much for you to learn. As an addition to the NewCuber000 post: Solve the cross in 8 moves or less: This is where you could start...
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    I made this video for a friend, hopefully this will help you out.
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    Need An Update On Speedsolving *Feeling Lost*

    I will definitely do that, my F2L is ok-ish, but not perfect and I think there is where I'll be able to cut my times. Thank you, Rubik's DIY cubes were the "Bees Knees" back then. As of now I purchased a Gans 356 Air solely based on the reviews it has. It's amazing how much it has grown, I...
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    Need An Update On Speedsolving *Feeling Lost*

    Dear all, The speedsolving community has grown quite a bit since the last time I dedicated myself to speedsolving the cube. My cube hasn't seen any daylight since late 2011 and even then... I stopped practising around 2009. Watching the World Cube Association's website has left me baffled and...
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    7X7 WR Single 3:13.11 By Chen Lin.

    Bump for interest.
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    [Unofficial] 8.59 3x3 avg5

    Nicely done Anthony, nothing beats a nice constant FAST avg. :)
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    Color Neutrality

    I started out this week with cn and i do at least one avg of 12 a day with all the colours. I'm around 15 with yellow and 25 with the rest. It's not that hard, just be patient. P.S. it's also quite fun to see my times drop down by the seconds again instead of tenths and hundreds.
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    [Video] World Rubik's Cube Championship 2011

    Now that's awesome, looking forward to see more of your videos.
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    [Unofficial] Rama Rubik's Cube OH: 16.00 avg of 5

    Miles Davis with The Modern Jazz Quartet - But Not For Me (take 2 and 1)
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    [Unofficial] Rama Rubik's Cube OH: 16.00 avg of 5

    Lol, not sure where to look at right now. :p @ asmallkitten, congratulations on your first sub 16 average in comp. :)
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    [Unofficial] Rama Rubik's Cube OH: 16.00 avg of 5

    2 PLL skips and a dnf...
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    [Official] Another Rama's ''Oldie but a Goodie'' Video

    Thanks mate, quite interesting, I'l add it in the description. :)