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    Looking for ANY Pre-Dayan era cubes

    I have a white a3 and a white and black a5 memory. PM me with an offer. Also, purple cube 4 you, white and black maru.
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    Gans air SM wanted

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    How to make your Valk quieter

    Yes, but the Valk is lighter and cheaper.
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    How to make your Valk quieter

    Dish foam works great. That is what home depot calls it. It's like Styrofoam paper. Very light. It actually came with the magnets as a packing material. I put in four little triangles.
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    How to make your Valk quieter

    I notice the pitch drops with padding inside. by a major 6th
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    How to make your Valk quieter

    I decided to stuff cotton balls in the corner holes. Wow. It worked great except fibers worked their way out. I also tried felt and cut up polishing cloth. Neither were quite as quiet as the cotton ball I feel like there is a perfect material for this task, I'm just not sure at it is yet...
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    Tempest 3V1 Development Thread (Hi)

    I didn't actually read the entire thread so sorry if this was covered already... Maru has done this in the past with the cx-3. Ask cyoubx if he has any advice
  8. radmin - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    I use the PayPal debit card. It was free.
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    SOLD White Old plastic Dayan 2x2

    I'd guess it has 50-100 solves. Never gigged. Only used in my smoke free home studio. I put a few drops of maru lube in it when it was new. No mods. Paypal only. No trades. It will include a Dayan bag and some half bright replacement stickers. Price and shipping are negotiable. I can't...
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    Is Cubesmith still in business?

    With decent computer skills their stickers are relatively easy to make at home but the their tiles are special. They are made of a a hard to find material, cut with expensive di cutting techniques, and have custom-applied adhesive. If they are truly out of business there will be a tile void...
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    [Review] Cyclone Boys G4 4x4

    Well, I bought the 62 mm aosu just to see. The Cyclone Boys G4 beats it IMO. It just works well for my style. I can consistently get 1:3x now with it. Before I'd be lucky to get sub 2.
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    [Review] Cong's Design MeiYing

    I ordered one based on this:
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    [Review] Cyclone Boys G4 4x4

    After a long break from cubing I just got this cube last Friday. It's amazing. My times have dropped from 2 min down to 1:3x. It's unbelievable how much 4x4's have improved while I was gone. The last one I used was v-cube. It locks like a mother. When I see certain reviews saying that the aosu...
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    Gans Puzzle III Version 2 Speed Cube (10 Testers Selected!)

    When my v1 arrived I made the mods in the op with a file. It's fantastic. I lubed with maru lube. To me it feels like brand new diy zanchi put together for the first time. I'll get a v2 for sure as soon as it arrives in one of my usual stores.