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    1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

    579: type OH
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    Android app PLL

    Hi what is the best app for android to learn pll? thanks in advance
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    OH Roux

    so got in to OH recently I am using roux and was wondering how do I do first block OH
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    Personal Best Cubing Oddities

    got a PB of 19 secs I avg 34 and don't know full pll. I use two look oll
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    so on 3x3 using CFOP the cross can always be made in 8 moves or less. on 2x2 a face can be made in 5 move or less, so when solving 3x3 with roux how many moves should first block take?
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    Weekly Competition 2019-27

    the one on the competition site. i forgot i had posted those and so posted on this sorry
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    Molecube Help needed!!

    try t-perm edit don't do that
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    Weekly Competition 2019-27

    3x3 (39.59), (31.96) 34.07 34.32 38.47 Ao5: 35.62
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    Block Keeper: Cross platform desktop timer

    ability to comment on times would be cool