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    Are the Permutations of Rubik's Cubes Combinatorics?

    i think the general formula for positions on any cube is: E!/2 * 2^(E-1) * C! * 3^(C-1) * M! where C is no. of corners E is no. of edges and M is the number of center pieces i think it is wrong because i don't think it encorporates parity or opposite outer edges being swapped on the same...
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    OH Noob - help needed.

    i'm in the exact same position as you but the cubes i have are either too stiff to turn quickly with one hand or can't cut corners, btw AWESOME shop
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    Cubing FML

    my friends eastsheen 4x4 popped and completely disassembled, he asked me to put it back together for him and after almost fully re-assembling it one of the inner edge pieces was missing FHL
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    What's your favourite alg?

    PLL: Rb-perm
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    Review of Main 3x3x3 Cube Models and Clarification on the Naming System of Type A

    is type F-II on par with the type F-I, from this review it does seem the best and most of the time a next model is an improvement
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    which is better, F-I, F-II, or A-III?
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    i will almost definitely be buying one of the 3x3's which is better, F-I, F-II, or A-III?
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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    i don't get it, i can do all the algorithms i know behind my back, and i'm a noob
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    Is every cube a knock-off?

    but all the newer cubes have different designs, so they're not knock-offs
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    Printable Square-1 Tutorial

    The title basicaly says it, i have tutorials on CFOP, ZB and big cubes, but i can't seem to find one for the square-1. I would just watch videos, but i don't always have an internet connection. direct links would be much appreciated
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    large 3x3x3 cubes

    i wanted to say that:(
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    large 3x3x3 cubes

    I'm year 10, so i've just started electronics, but i'm expected to get an A
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    large 3x3x3 cubes

    thats the one that i saw, i looked earlier today but i couldn't find it
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    large 3x3x3 cubes

    i'm looking for a large cube i.e 10cm per side or bigger i need it for school, i'm planning of putting some circuits with 4017 chips in, so when you solve the cube each side has 9 LED's flashing around it the project is for GCSE electronics, but i'm not sure when we can start designing, so...
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    Faster 3x3x3 solve & where to buy 4x4x4

    diangshengs are very good and cheap also you should learn fridich from monkeydude thats who i learnt it off and i am now almost sub-30 mefferts 4x4's are the best from what i've heard