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    Looking to buy a stickerless valk power m, stickerless Dayan tengyun (3x3), and qiyi big sail

    I live in the us and can pay shipping. I’m looking to pay around $15 for the valk and tengyun, and $3 for the sail. Paying through paypal
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    [Member Intro] Roux or CFOP or ZZ?

    I would say cfop. I know an intermediate level of cfop (almost full pll, sub 19 average), and learned roux for fun. I do not know petrus so I cannot comment on that. I found learning roux to be very easy, and I imagine that it is easier to switch from cfop to roux, than roux to cfop if you ever...
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    Im interested in buying your Valk Power M stickerless, big sail and dayan tengyun. I sent a pm