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    Rate the Signature above you.

    9/10 - sweet rhyme
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    Your Pet Peeve(s)

    It's our dialect, and we naturally notice when people speak a different dialect, unless, for example, you don't speak hillbilly but you live in hillbilly land so you're used to it.
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    [Discussion Thread] Music and cubing

    You need different heavy metal... old heavy metal Metallica, Megadeth(Not as old... but they don't get much older), etc. You also need Glam metal, like Mötley Crüe, or Ratt, or other types of bands along those lines. I can suggest types of metal all day, but I won't bore you any further...
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    favorite puzzle

    I use the same type of 3x3x3... and the square-1 has always fascinated me.
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    Your Pet Peeve(s)

    When people tell me they just take the stickers off. Personal thoughts to this post... a lot of interesting peeves in hera
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    Cube Sighting in Latest Thinkgeek Email

    World population/100 - over 9000 because he is pale, skinny, male, and has very hairy forearms.
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    Cube Sighting in Latest Thinkgeek Email

    -12, still. The original poster replied to their post.
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    New Poll:Lubricant

    GMP silicone... it is higher quality than CRC, but near impossible to find, because it is commercial quality.
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    [poll] Are You Colorblind?

    I got 9/10 for putting sailboat instead of boat.
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    2x2 A2 of A2f

    The first letter(A, C, M) is for packaging. The f is for the gap between corners. A2 is better.
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    [video] Dennis Strehlau Saving His Cube!

    No. No Indeed.
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    Java Programming

    Any php classes around where you live... And free plane tickets, and free hotel, and free food, etc. (I know php is a weak language, but I can't afford asp)
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    How to type semi-proper english on a forum in a nutshell

    I thought we were joking... it's something to do at 1 AM when I get bored.
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    What have YOU done Blindfolded?

    Just magic for me.
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    forum war!

    He's already dead... too late.