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    Pop And Circumstance

    Can actually relate with this video.
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    Analogy that can easily explain blindfold to outsiders!

    Ohhh, nice. Thanks for informing me. Was so unsure how to answer people's common questions of "omg how do you do that blindfolded?" haha.
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    Analogy that can easily explain blindfold to outsiders!

    I was strolling around on the web and I found this video which I thought was the best analogy of the idea of blindfold cubing for outsiders. (The idea of cycles and chains) What do you guys think? Do you guys have a better way of explaining...
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    Cube machine for sale?

    Hahaha, I've never thought of ever needing a scrambling machine xD. At your level, you don't even need to scramble following an actual generated scramble. Just scramble in your own fashion, practicing finger tricks, turns, different moves as you scramble and make it super fast/fluid. At least in...
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    How do I get sub 15 on 3x3?

    Based on my own personal experience, knowing full F2L, OLL and PLL can get you to sub 10 seconds without extreme difficulty. I do not really focus on extra cases/algorithms nor X-Cross, but rather focus on finding the next step before I finish the current step. In other words before I finish...
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    How do I get sub 15 on 3x3?

    No need to rush it. 4 months into cubing and only stuck for 2 weeks is not much at all. I've been cubing for almost 8 years now, and have been stuck at the 11 second avg for more than half a year now. Take your time, practise consistently, learn full OLL, and have fun. Lose the fun in cubing and...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    FINALLY BROKE SUB 10 avg of 5!!!! 1. 9.69 2. 10.67 3. 9.53 4. 10.9 5. 8.84 avg of 5: 9.96!!!!! WOOT Took me like 6 months to get from sub12 to sub 10 avg of 5
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    Speedcubing Timer (Android)

    already done. Of course it was 5 star ;).
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    Speedcubing Timer (Android)

    Awesome! Will test it out when I get home tonight.
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    Will dyeing a cube black ruin its performance?

    I agree with forcefulness, but if you really did want to I guess you could test it on some similar plastic pieces and see the change in friction. It depends on what type of dye you use.
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    [Help Thread] One-Handed Solving Discussion

    I move my pinky to the bottom face, ring on the BD edge, middle on the B centre, index on the U centre, and using thumb do F'.
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    [Unofficial] Sub 19 Ao5 Constructive Criticism Please

    I agree with Penguins, but want to emphasize that you definitely need to know FULL oll and pll, not knowing it will make your life hard. Make that your number 1 priority. Then work on your F2L, can still improve your look-ahead and smoothness. On top of that, just as penguins also said, slow...
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    Speedcubing Timer (Android)

    Hey! Just one thing I'd like to have edited is to add an extra confirmation when deleting all records, I accidentally pressed it while wanting to only delete one record. Lost my previous 700 solves haha. Thanks
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    Will "Not using for few months" damage the cube?

    With the diff oil I use, any cube that is left for a few months will become extremely gummy, gummy to the point where you actually have to force it to turn, but after a couple solves, its as if the lube breaks in again, and returns to its original speed.
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    Noobiest thing you've done?

    hahahahaha pure gold xD. Done that myself too.