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  • hi
    i am from iran
    youtube in iran is filter so i cant download Donovan's Roux Tutorial Videos
    i love to learn this way >>>> but i cant see or download this video
    i want from you send this video for my e-mail

    i am waiting for give this video
    [email protected]
    ok coolies, I'll do that, so when you receive the cube I get to choose the new cube? or do u ship when I ship? also do I ship to your new office or house? is there a way to put the address? cause Im not too sure about US lol, also your pm is full :s
    Hey brother just thought I would share. You showed me the basics of roux over Skype. I just went to my first comp. And got a sub 30. I am now learning cmll so I will pick up speed. Just thought I would share.
    Hi, Your messages are full so I can't send you a message, could please delete some ASAP
    Woo elite is out!!! Do you expect to be sold out soon, or should I order as soon as possible? I only ask because if I wait about 2 more weeks my parents will buy it for me for my birthday.
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