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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    I'm looking for a scrambler to help me practice audio memo for 7 words - basically one which always gives scrambles for which the edge solution requires seven 3-cycles. Does anyone know of such a tool?
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    How long have you been speedcubing?

    1. Started 4 and a half years ago, but had many long breaks/quits 2. 20 3. 2 look OLL and most of PLL (learnt all of PLL ages ago and have forgotten a few) 4. Cyclone Boys Feihong
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Nup, the screw stays in fine without the centres. I should add, last time I assembled it, I made sure each side was really tight and then it worked fine and turned fine for a few minutes. I did a few solves and then one side exploded as has happened each time. Any ideas?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Check out:
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    Accomplishment Thread

    4.97 2x2 a100
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Is the 'simplifed' Cyclone Boys or the 'strengthened' version better?
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    How old were you when you started cubing?

    Started when I was 11 in 2009.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I'm looking for the quietest 3x3 I can get. It doesn't need it to be that good of a cube, if it's not rubbish I'll be happy. Thanks
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    [Unofficial] Sub 1 G perm tutorial

    What's wrong with learning by muscle memory? Edit: I mean why do you have to relearn because you learned by muscle memory?
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: Multiblindfold 42/44 [Over 1h]

    wat. I can't believe you actually did 42 cubes. I would have thought this wouldn't happen for a long time. MultiBLD marathon!
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    What is a possibility for letter pair AI when using sentences? I feel like Artificial Intelligence is too long.
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    Practicing Old Pochmann/M2

    Small bump. How do you execute that?
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    [WCA Regulations 2012] Remove +2 penalty for misaligned sides

    How do you classify it if the the cube turns when it hits the table?
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    How-to/Guide Request Thread

    I would love a tutorial on how to use ACube to effectively find algorithms. Also a few other things that I forgot.
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    Training Schedule?

    These threads have advice on practice. Especially Dominate's posts in the 1st and last threads.