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    The Petrus "Example Solve" Game!

    Cool! I might use this instead of the Quest for Sub 8 Petrus thread when I post example solves for critiques.
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    Beginners improvement Curve Cfop

    Welcome! Unless you have some serious physical problems, sub 30 is definitely possible! Gradually learn all the F2L algs, intuitively or algorithmically, then practise them. As soon as you see a case, you should be able to execute the alg without thinking. Plus, make sure you search for the best...
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    [Help Thread] Gan 356i discussion / software updates / issues report directly to Gan

    The wiki’s list of PLL algorithms has them.
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    What 3x3 method do you use?

    I remember while learning Z Perm, (M2 U’ M2 U’ M’ U2 M2 U2 M’ U2) I thought M followed R, so I needlessly learnt how to do what was actually an M move, but was supposed to be an M‘ :). You have to put your ring finger on the BD edge’s D sticker, then extend your finger to push it up to UB...
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    Tips for specialization

    I swap in between OH practise and 3x3 practise every week, although I do casual solves with either all the time.
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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    You must have made a mistake somewhere. After I think 63 repeats, it should go back to the solved state.
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    [Member Intro] Hey

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    [Member Intro] Hi!

    Maybe check this out first. Perhaps ZZ or Petrus will fit you better, or even Shadow Slice Snow Columns ;)
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    [Member Intro] Hi!

    Welcome :)
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    [Member Intro] Hello everyone

    Ayyy, welcome :)
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    Check conversation

    Check conversation
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    [Member Intro] Hello all

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    My Journey in Switching 3x3 Methods

    Good luck! But sandwiches is the superior method to everything :)
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    Omg I play Minecraft too. Not much though :( My username’s Shrapnel343 on Hypixel

    Omg I play Minecraft too. Not much though :( My username’s Shrapnel343 on Hypixel