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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    Me and Tomas Kristiansson thought of a fun way to train MLBD with only one cube. I tried it out now with only 2 scrambles but you could do as many as you like. It’s quite fun. You’ll do the first scramble, memorize and then solve normal CFOP. Then do the second scramble and memorize, then solve...
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    Mostly blind solving :)

    Mostly blind solving :)
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    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    I just managed the 6x6x6 blindfolded on the first try. The time was 1:11.59. Not fast but correct! :)
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    Mod ideas?

    I think the siamese cube and the half truncated cube is good beginners mods and fun to do as well! And they're also fun to solve. Also 4x4x4 evil twin. (you can first do the siamese twin and then extend it to an evil twin if you get bored of the first one! :)
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    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Solve video! Just a clip of the success, where I got use of your algorithm in the end! :)
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    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Thank you so much! Had my first success today!! the 6th try! :)
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    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    I went with CyanSandwich parity fix and it worked perfectly!! My first success today! It took 6 tries, and it was about 50 min with memo and solve so not so fast but I'm super happy about making it!! :)
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    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Yes, that seems to work perfectly! :) Thanks a lot! Been trying a lot of very complicated combinations of algoritms now but this will do it faster and easier! /P
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    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Are you sure that's the algoritm? I think there's some letter wrong or a prime somewhere cause that totally messes the cube up...
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    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Hello! I would need some help with 5x5x5 blind. I now tried a few times and it comes down to the same problem, the end. Memorisation works fine and execution also until the end... I can't find help in any other post maybe because I solve in a bit of a funny order, but it works in my head...
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    The Force vs Shengshou 9x9x9

    I guess so!! But at least force in some form! :)
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    The Force vs Shengshou 9x9x9

    Yes, I thought it looked really nice! But it was harder than I thought to take it apart, that's why the long end..! :)
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    The Force vs Shengshou 9x9x9

    I made a silly little video yesterday when I was bored! :) Hope you'll enjoy it!
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    Aspiring cube shape modder here

    The half truncated 3x3x3 is nice to do and fun to solve afterwards. Also the FF 3x3x5 is fun and easy to do! :)
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    4x4x4 & 5x5x5 mirror blocks

    That's what I mean but you described it better. Anyway the point I'm getting at and what I would like to do is to do a 4x4x4 or 5x5x5 that you solve entirely by size and not by colour like the mirror block is. But maybe this will be impossible when the centre pieces and edge pieces and internal...