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    The FMC thread

    R2 B2 L2 U2 R2 D2 R2 U2 F D2 F D B' U2 R F2 R' D R' F L' Skeleton: F #U' L B' //EO U' F2 *L' R D U' L' //L7C @# insert R D2 +R' U' R D2 R' U Cancels 2 @* insert F L' B L F' L' B' L Cancels 3 @+ insert D' L2 D R' D' L2 D R Cancels 3 Final: F R D L2 D R' D' L2 D U' R D2 R' L B' U' F' L' B...
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    Sub 15 with 10 methods

    one move cross with free pair :P
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    Sub 15 with 10 methods

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    Sub 15 with 10 methods

    Link to method descriptions in the video description.
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    Cross on left discussion thread

    I'm a bit late, but here's a sub-8. I wouldn't be suprised it there was faster though.
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    [Help Thread] Cubing Injuries?

    I have also cut a finger trying to open a clock
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    The FMC thread

    Random 24 move FMC L2 F2 U2 B2 U' F2 U R2 F2 D U2 L' D B2 U' L B2 U' B' D' R
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    CLL is definitely on algDB.
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    [Discussion Thread] Music and cubing

    twenty one pilots, mostly their older stuff though, fall away, anathema
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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    M2 one is good, but if you really hate it, try /3,-3/-3,3/1.0/3,-3/-3,3/-1,0
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    Under 20 Second 3 Cube Juggle Solve

    It's a style of juggling called mills mess.
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    / (-3,0) / (3,0) / (3,0) / (-1,-1) / (-2,1) / (-3,0) /
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    Announcing our new Canadian collab channel, Cubing Province

    All 5 intros are up, and our first non member intro video is up.
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    The FMC thread

    hmm thanks, maybe I should learn some tripod..