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    Events you DON'T practice that much [poll]

    Sorry, I did not know that I must practice. :)
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    Kids Accomplishment Thread

    If I understood the question right, then yes there can be 4 sides solved and 2 sides not solved. From solved state of the cube U2 M2 U2 M2 Peedu
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    Please take this spatial awareness test

    How can someone assume that whole world must know what is that coconut-banana-crossover-shaped item in the questions 1-7? Peedu
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    Unveiling of the most anticipated V-CUBE 3

    I used some copyrighted sentences and patented combination of words. I hope they won't come after me. Peedu
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    Random Blindfold Cubing Discussion

    There must be a mistake in setup move. Try to give more detailed description. Better with example. Then we can try to find out what is the problem. Peedu
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    Random Blindfold Cubing Discussion

    World map? You can make the detail level according to your need. To make more room, fly away to the Moon, Mars etc. Peedu
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    DNF or no DNF...?

    That's why you need to know the rules. I was judging when a corner piece of a 3x3 twisted in place during PLL. Competitor, finished the solve, stopped the timer and started quickly to fix that. He should have fixed it before he stopped the timer. Then he would have lost couple of seconds, but...
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    4x4 beginner

    I have Shengshou, Dayan and QJ. QJ wore off pretty quickly and I could not stop popping, so I got Dayan and Shengshou. I'm mostly blindsolving and my pops are minor - like one edge piece just opening a bit when I do u-slice turns. I have them very tight. Shengshou exploded during the...
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    How to use the [cube] tag to get a cube drawn?

    size=150&pzl=1&alg=z Very beautiful! What are the limits? size=75&pzl=9&alg=z size=100&pzl=3&alg=yx2 Looks like 1x1 supports rotations. 2x2 and 3x3 support rotations and face turns. 4x4-9x9 just can be drawn. Size can be unnecessarily small, I don't want to know the upper...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Oh, my image is different then. Usually huge white cueball. Some times it is small. Depends on the neighboring images and/or the place I need to place them. For 3x3 I have pretty much given up even placing the images somewhere. I just make a first group of 3 images and then the rest. I might...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    How do you picture a Cue? Just curious (I have the same image for CE (probably copied from your list)). How do you see Quiet? You relate it to some person/object next to it? I don't have problem with QI, because we got a famous person who fits nicely just spell the last name wrong. Peedu
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    Maru 5x5x5

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have understood that there are several versions of YJ 5x5. Rivets, no springs. Rivets, springs. Screws, springs. Peedu
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    Collection of letter pair lists

    The list of letter pairs is somewhat intimate thing. Well, personal at least. You will want to use your own friends and the stuff you know. for me LS is Lew Sanborn and BJ is B. J. Worth. You don't even know them. Also I got FS like Formation Skydiving, CF like Canopy formation, GK as Golden...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Hi, Recently my accuracy rate has gone down. Below 50%/day. I'm practicing somewhat irregularly because I just can't find the 5 minutes to sit alone and do a BLD. Today I got 3 DNF-s in the morning, followed by 1 success, DNF, success and 2 DNF-s. So it is 2 out of 7. Should I go slow and...
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    Collection of letter pair lists

    OK, I got a local famous person in JV slot, but I really like the video. Now comes the bad part... I can dance it. The style is more known as Shim-Sham. Peedu