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    [SAR] Pedro Roque 3x3 6.82 single

    solve +reconstrution
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    The Uber Monthly 3x3 10,000 Cube Marathon!!!

    I started this, not exactly this, in 9 march at brazilian forum my goal is do 15k until my next competition that will be in may since this dat I did 5k, but my cube broke in the middle of this month so I lost too many time.... I have 9 days until finish the last 5k is it possible?! I will try 5k
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    [Unofficial] 4x4 23.98 single Pedro Roque

    same reaction I had, also lock up at Nperm thanks haha tnks I dont know that too, this is only my second sub 25 single , when I finish I thought it was 25 or 26 but not 23
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    [Unofficial] 1:58.91 6x6 Yau6 Pedro Roque

    Ottozing, u r rigth, the diference is exactly at edge paring, idk if its the best way but this is the best to me, thanks all other guys, Justin Thomas is sub 2, but he have a diferent method for Last 4 centers
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    [Unofficial] 1:58.91 6x6 Yau6 Pedro Roque

    First sub2, oll parity, too many delays and fails...
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    [Official] 3x3 avg5 9.10 Pedro Roque
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    [SAR] Pedro Roque - 5x5 single 56.99

    thanks Tim, I dont practice 3x3 , my focus is 4x4 and 5x5, this is why I'm not in top 100 at this event. Billy I dont know why, but this was the unique competition I did it
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    [SAR] Pedro Roque - 5x5 single 56.99

    thanks all guys
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    [SAR] Pedro Roque - 5x5 single 56.99

    first 2 centers finish at 8.6seg 6 centers+4edges finish at 33.6seg edge paring finish at 46.9 so its 33+14+10 3x3 details i think I did 6 f2l pairs, but 2 was completly nothing edge paring details Prior to Aligning the centers, after the first four paired edges, I forced the other two so they...
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    [SAR] Pedro Roque - 5x5 single 56.99

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    [Unofficial] 5x5 single 56.92 YAU5

    competion in 1 week, time to practice
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    [Unofficial] 4x4 26.73 single

    thanks guys
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    PLL + PLL parity all cases for 4x4x4

    done maybe, there are cases that imo are about the same speed doing the alg or the pll parity + pll, but tell me the cases you think are slower than tradicional method