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    Speedcubing "News"?

    Assuming the SS Forums don't quench your thirst for speedcubing news, the group Cyoubx's Friends on Facebook often has news, although there are stupid posts sometimes. You could subscribe to a bunch of cubing YouTube channels, but that isn't really all in one place. SpeedSolving Forums really is...
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    Wiki Discussion Thread

    I noticed on SS Wiki that a lot of cubers' ages haven't been updated for years. I'm not an expert in MediaWiki. Is there a possibility of making a template on the SpeedSolving Wiki which would automatically update cubers' ages (since the infoboxes include an AGE parameter), and how could that...
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    Megaminx LL Trainers

    Are there any trainers for Megaminx out there? It would certainly help me and probably many others a lot with learning algorithms.
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    [Help Thread] FMC UWRs

    Simple question: What are the mo3, ao5, and ao12 Unofficial World Records for 3x3x3 Fewest Moves?
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    1LLL set: Pure OLL

    Dropbox machine broke
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    HuangLong 7x7 Modding (like Kevin Hays's)

    I enjoy my HuangLong and I think it is the best 7x7 out there currently, but I do have problems with catching on the outer layers due to the Florian holes not being very large. I am looking to mod my HuangLong like Breandan Vallance modded Kevin Hays's. How would I do this? Obviously, I want...