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    dayan 4x4x4 core

    It isn't mine. but check camerons youtube.
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    dayan 4x4x4 core

    Like in the last 30 seconds.
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    [Video] Frank's 4x4x4 mod

    I don't get how to do this. Very interesting though.
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    Are you addicted to Silly Bandz?

    No I hate them but I have about 50 from girls from school.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Is there a video for modding a chinaminx? To make it lock less? I bought it wrongly.
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    Girl throw puppies in a river and film herself

    Omg I just wanna punch her in the face.
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    I know all you do but I don't know full PLL and I average 13-14
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    Rubiks cube in bottle

    Or maru 4x4.
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    Rubiks cube in bottle

    It is so crazy.
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    Rubiks cube in bottle

    Screwing the screws and holding the springs and core would be HARD AS HELL. Ha.
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    Rubiks cube in bottle

    I found this place for the cube but it doesn't say how to get the core in.
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    Rubiks cube in bottle

    Since it says "hot to tune your cube" I thought I should post this here. So exactly how do you put objects in bottles. I dearly want to do this with a cube. I googled for about 30 minutes and I couldn't find it.
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    time cubing vs. average time

    1 year? and about 15 seconds.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Hell yeah. 13.36 avg of 5.... And a 1:03.45 PLL parity..