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    MoYu (魔域) WeiLong (威龍) new mechanism 3x3x3 speed cube (20 TESTERS WANTED!)

    Name: Dale Eddy Don't have a WCA profile because there are no competitions where i live :'( I average 15-16 seconds on 3x3 PB single: 10.92 seconds Youtube channel- Email: [email protected] Fastest cuber in my region (Southwest Australia)
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    Lightake unboxing (Shengshou wind, Siamese cube, QJ timer and LASER)

    Lightake is a really cool cube store, i highly recommend you buy from there as it isn't just cubes either, they sell plenty of products with free shipping worldwide. This unboxing was really fun for me to do and the siamese cube is an awesome cube to solve, I hope you watch and leave some...
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    Community's Unboxing Videos

    Hey everyone, i thought it would be a good idea for those who enjoy making unboxing videos or just watching them, are able to post their videos in their own thread. Therefore i made this one :D You can all post unboxings of any length and any puzzle in hope of getting feedback, or just to...
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    How to fix Dayan Panshi's broken corner

    Yeah I guess that could be relatively risk free, because if it doesn't work you already have 2 stocks as backup
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    How to fix Dayan Panshi's broken corner

    Gluing can always go wrong though, excess glue or not enough and it falls off again, this way there's no apparent risk
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    How to fix Dayan Panshi's broken corner

    Off topic, i have to search him up On topic, Thanks bro! :D
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    How to fix Dayan Panshi's broken corner

    Hey guys, I don't know how many of you got the bad batch of PanShi's, or just happened to accidentally snap it during a rough solve or scramble, but i have searched YouTube and Google and have only found tutorials that say glue the corner, which can make it unstable and permanently crooked. So i...
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    The Solve Critique Thread

    I searched on youtube how to fix a broken PanShi corner since lots were breaking and mine had just snapped off, but i didnt find anything, so i decided to make one myself, it works great for me and i would like to see if people find it helpful as well...