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    At what point do you start...

    it's just RUR'U J perm U'RU'R' but yeah, I use it too :)
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    F-II is messed up - how to repare?

    take all caps off and then try to solve it :D it's pretty funny as almost half of stickers is missing :D btw corners can be done just one way (you have two stickers on each, so you know what color should be there according to normal color scheme, so edges are the only problem)
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    Stickers or tiles?

    don't be hard at him ;) anyway, half an hour after you said this someone else still answers, so it's kinda pointless...
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    Worlds Hardest game.

    you should on level 4 go both right and down, not in separate moves, then you can do it easily
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    Name of Puzzle

    shape is called tetrakaidecahedron, didn't find nothing more :( but it looks really nice ;)
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    in some cases you get even 16 algs per one OLL... (4 A perms, 4 inverse, 2 E perms and just two switched corners 4 times like T perm, 2 times like Y perm) you could try this, maybe this
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    2x2 WR

    it will be broken, when stackamt 3rd generation will be used in competitions ;) till then we can improve only average I think...
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    What's your motto?

    Hakuna Matata :D no, I don't really have one...
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    [Unofficial] 5.58 One-Handed (Prepared) Solve

    nice... how fast are you normaly OH?
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    Right now, you could be learning algorithms

    when you're cubing everyday, no... I learned full CFOP (except for 3 algs, but I'm lazy :P) and for more than month, I didn't have to review any alg... and I guess when you know ZBLL and you do a lot of solves everyday, so at least half of them appear, you won't forget them
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    well, I used silicon oil on my GuHong and it was really terrible... but my F-II is much, much better with it...
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    3x3, because I like 3x3s :D I'd probably end up with F-II
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    Moral Dilemma

    so you're gonna let the woman die just because she'll die anyway maybe in 10 years? And that somene didn't save you yet doesn't mean, that you won't need his help someday later... and how can you know, that perfect partner doesn't exist, if everytime you see potential one, you'll just drive along?
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    Which 2x2?

    b (pillowed) is pretty much just for collection... for speedcubing you can't even use it in competition
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    8.8 Earthquake in Japan

    sixth since 1900