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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    Round 76 - Roux number of times: 12/12 best avg12: 34.94 (σ = 4.13) best time: 24.64 worst time: 47.38 47.38, 33.95, 34.15, 40.58, 29.35, 37.87, 24.64, 36.41, 28.61, 31.51, 41.52, 35.44 I still mess up a lot of solves
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    Rate the username above you

    You... take pictures of yourself? Seems legit, 8/10
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    How Long Did It Take You To Average Sub 20?

    About 4 years, still not consistent though. I might have averaged sub20 in 2008 when I still practiced a lot but I didn't really time my solves back then so I can't know for sure.
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    SpeedSolving StarCraft 2 Community

    I'm random, so at least one partly terran :P Just watch Day9 dailies and you'll be promoted in no time. Probes and pylons.
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    Racing to sub-20

    Yay! Average: 19.82 Standard Deviation: 1.47 Best Time: 17.05 Worst Time: 28.97 Individual Times: 1. 18.05 2. (28.97) 3. 18.54 4. 18.23 5. 19.89 6. 21.03 7. 22.06 8. (17.05) 9. 18.52 10. 19.18 11. 19.70 12. 23.01
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    What was your first ever timed solve time?

    Something around 15-20 minutes in December 2006
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    What is your favo(u)rite Greek letter?

    Ψ Psi is awesome
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    SpeedSolving StarCraft 2 Community

    Server: EU ID: ooveehoo Code: 363 League: Platinum Race: Zerg/Random I haven't really had time to play that much. Maybe if I don't get a job for summer...
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    A hopeless situation

    Why the heck are you telling this guy to switch method? Petrus is not slow! It's just rarer, so it's not as easy to get good advice as a Petrus solver. You just probably haven't practiced enough. Getting your block building fast in particular requires a lot of time. I would recommend you use...
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    Overused/Annoying/Unoriginal Youtube Comments

    "Fake and ***", unless the video actually is fake and homosexual. I always give thumbs down when someone asks for thumbs up.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    M.C. Escher is so awesome, 9/10
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I'm thinking of buying my first SQ1. Is this worth considering?
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    What took you longer to learn? OLL or PLL?

    PLL took about a month. OLL 3 years and counting