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    My first mod

    Will the first one is kind of the second one, The actual first was a flopped octagonal barrel that i converted into a flopped cylindrical barrel. I also made a 3x3x2, but its not that great.
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    My first mod

    Hi guys, I recently created my first mod and here are a few picture of it I also created a octagonal barrel (yes i made the complex mod before the simple one) Here is a photo of the guanlong, the octagonal barrel and the octagonal ball PS: Come on mods 1 mb image upload is way to...
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    plusTimer - Open Source Android Timer with TNoodle Scrambles

    Thanks for replying.In my opinion a customizable buffer could be the best solution and this settings could be tucked away into a 'Advanced' Tab. And IMO you should make a web/PC version before iOS and should implement the PB indicator and multiple sessions of the same event first as these are...
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    Megaminx first star color

    The star and F2l recognition and look ahead is already terrible with fixed color. With CN it might be hopeless for people.
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    [Member Intro] Hi there

    Are you from India?
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    Will the SS 7x7 (full size) stickers fit a SS 5x5 (not wind) ? If not then any other of SS puzzles
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    Most Efficient Way to Digitally Store CubeStates?

    How's this for CP 1st corner has 8 positions so 3 bits 2nd corner has 7 positions so 3 bits 3rd corner has 6 positions so 3 bits 4th corner has 5 positions so 3 bits 5th corner has 4 positions so 2 bits 6th corner has 3 positions so 2 bits 7th corner has 2 positions...
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    Selling 3x3, Sq-1 in India

    Um rudra the thing is that there are almost no Indian speedcubes on this forum and more important is that what the hell is one gonna do with a dozen 3x3?(half of which are outdated)
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    Selling 3x3 Speedcubes, like YueXiao, trans Aolong V2 force cubes, Meiying, etc

    Yeah, I know what a force cube is :) . I was just shocked when I saw that. Nice thing that you corrected it.
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    Selling 3x3 Speedcubes, like YueXiao, trans Aolong V2 force cubes, Meiying, etc

    Don't you think that 5 Aolong V2 for 22 $ is very very cheap??(you know like almost free)
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    365 One Cube Multi BLD Year Long Project

    As far as I know , SirWaffle is a she and not a he. Best of luck for the attempt. (and I just have started learning BLD)
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    Cubing generations

    How is this classification hardware wise (read market dominance wise)? (I don't know the years since I am a cuber from the fifth henrysavich-ic* generation cuber.Someone plz provide the dates.) 1. The Rubiks Era : Starts from the invention of the Rubiks cube upto the invention on V-Cubes. 2...
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    I just remembered that after I post the question (I actually have the sticker less one ) but I decided to leave the question as it is ,so that I might get more suggestions. :) Thanks anyway.
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    These question probably does'nt belongs here but, 1. Can anyone name a cheap cube that comes with 3-part corners (and 2-part edges and Black colored plastic)? 2. Can anyone tell me the material that is sold as Milliput? 2. Can anyone tell me any alternatives to Milliput and the actual material...
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Was this somehow related to the following quote