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    WTB: Non-magnetic Stickerless GTS V2/GTS2 or Cubicle labs/pro GTS2M

    I have a boron coated GTS2M which was setup and tensioned by chris tran and coated by me
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    Make an offer Lots Of Cubes!!!

    I'll buy your gts3m the next comp I see you at haha
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    Make an offer Lots Of Cubes!!!

    If I were you I'd update your list didn't you sell some at the comp
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    River Hill Cubing comp

    Who's going?
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    whats for sale
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    Coating service.

    Dayan coating will be + 20 for the coating process PM me for more info
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    Coating service.

    DAYAN Coated has been added. (Please note the coating that comes on your cube is white as it is coated by a white OP dayan). Creds to @3byMe For the dayan cube this has been long awaited
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    WTB: Valk 3 M

    I can sell one for 15 the stickers are hella chipped tho
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    One-Answer Lube Thread

    Silk, dmn and traxx 30k
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    Your best time with Beginner's method?

    I used to average 36 on beginner just high tps and lookahead Lol
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    Selling many cubes

    if 10 doesnt include shipping
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    Selling many cubes

    I'll do 12 dollars shipped
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    Coating service.

    Still interested??