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    Can kociemba or other method solve the Rubik in 5 faces turn only?

    Just use ZZ and do EO with F turns
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    is POM coating possible?

    so since CT had the coating technology improved, I think this can be done now. As we all know, cubes are made of ABS plastic, which is cheaper and easier to break in, the cube we use very often will eventually die out because the inner structure of the cube is different from that of a new one...
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    Will Cubing get bigger?

    I think so, too. And since the rubik's gan cube had just announced, I think more and more speedcube will appear at a walmart or somewhere else.
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    As title. I've searched on the web for a while, but IDK which is the best alg. Does anyone know the best alg for ELL? Thanks a lot.
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    [Review] ShengShou FangYuan

    I don't live in the US, so I bought it from for NT$280 or $9.3333.... USD. It's definitely my new main, and it can cut near 45 degrees. I love super-loose tension, and I did it. It never pops on me, and taking it apart is really difficult for me. Because of the tension, I can get corner...
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    One-Answer Software Question Thread

    Thanks a lot. It really helps me.
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    One-Answer Software Question Thread

    I want to make a prank video for April fools: I have a scramble, and I'll solve in three seconds. But I need a timer that can put the prank scramble in. Scramble: (I don't own the video)